Cage Match 2012: Round 3: Kelsier versus Ray Lilly


The Contestants


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The Survivor
Age: 38
Race: Mistborn
Weapons / Artifacts: Metal vials; glass and obsidian daggers
Ironpulling and Steelpushing

Ray Lilly
Twenty Palaces thug
Age: Early 30s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Ghostknife (can cut through anything and destroy magic)
Limited magic

The Breakdown


  • Master of Allomancy
  • Super-tough: Survived the Pits of Hathsin
  • Cunning and charming—a deadly combo

  • Street smart
  • His magic can be very effective in a tight situation
  • Magical tattoos protect him from most physical attacks (as does the golem flesh spell)

  • Stubborn, reckless, and impulsive (you know, a guy)

  • Has to eat burgers all the time…and not in a cute, Wimpy way, but in a gross, Morgan Spurlock way.
  • Kills


    How we think the fight will go


    “Ouch?” Kelsier didn’t quite expect “ouch” to be the response of one of his coins going through a man’s eye. And yet…

    “You son of a bitch! That hurts!”

    This is going to hurt even more, Kelsier thought and, pushing off a dropped coin, he flew into the air, a glass knife ready. As he descended he flared pewter, and coming at the man on his now-blind side, he drove the knife right at the man’s chest…and nothing happened. The glass didn’t shatter, but it didn’t penetrate, either. It just…didn’t. The shock from the contact did cause him to drop it to the ground, but he still had another strapped to his leg.

    “Did you just try to shoot me in the chest?” the man asked.

    Kelsier backed up, taking in the situation.

    “Hello—are you there?” The man pivoted his head, and with his good eye spotted Kelsier. “Oh, there you are. What the hell?”

    Kelsier didn’t know how to respond, but he tensed when he saw the man reaching into his pocket. Digging into his own cloak, Kelsier withdrew a vial and downed the contents. He burned some of the atium just in time to anticipate the other man…pull out a piece of meat and eat it.

    “Are you going to fight?” Kelsier asked.

    “I’m getting there,” the man replied. “I just didn’t expect to get a quarter lodged in my face so quickly. But now that you mention it—“ Even as he was saying the words his hands reached behind him and pulled a Glock from the waistband of his pants. Kelsier didn’t recognized the object—but it gave off the tell-tale signs of metal, and he knew a weapon when he saw it. He burned iron and pulled the gun towards him.

    “What the…”

    Kelsier turned the gun over in his hand. As complicated as it seemed, it didn’t take him very long to figure out it was some kind of fancified crossbow. He pointed it towards the man and pulled the trigger.


    This is getting tiresome

    “Listen,” Kelsier said. “Do you know anything about Allomancy?”

    “Not really. This guy—what was his name? Marshall?—well, he said it had to do with metal, but I guess I didn’t listen enough. Figured a Glock was mostly plastic, and…”

    “Shut up.” And he burned bronze to calm the man down.

    “…I even got some rubber bullets, seeing how most bullets are metal. I knew they wouldn’t kill you, but thought they might hurt you enough to slow you down.” The man rubbed his shoulder like something was bothering him there, but he didn’t seem at all affected by the soothing.

    “The reason I ask is because you seem incredibly able to ward off my attacks.”

    “Just the right powers on my side, I guess. Can’t seem to hurt you back, though, so not really much of a threat to you.” However, even as he said that, he was reaching back into his pockets, and soon the man pulled another object out. It wasn’t meat this time.

    It was a piece of paper, laminated. Kelsier flared tin and could make out the writing. It said “knife.”

    The man flicked it towards Kelsier, and it went zooming towards him. Flaring his atium once again, he dodge the piece of paper, only to find it came at him once more. He wasn’t sure why he was afraid of the paper, but he knew he didn’t want to let it touch him. Again and again it flew towards him, and again and again the atium showed the path of the piece of paper.

    Until the atium burned out.

    Atium is damned expensive, and that was all he was able to find for this fight. Unable to know it’s path now, Kelsier was shocked when the “knife” connected—and went right through him. He slumped to the ground.

    The man walked over to him. “Kind of takes the fight out of you, huh?”

    Kelsier could just nod. He knew something was wrong, but for some reason, he just didn’t see this strange man as a threat.

    So when the man held up Kelsier’s dropped glass knife and plunged it into the Allomancer’s chest, Kelsier wasn’t angry or upset. He just…was.

    “Sorry, man,” the guy muttered. “Wasn’t really supposed to be here in the first place. But as long as they keep calling my name…”

    Name. Kelsier had to know the name of the man who killed him.

    “Your…name…?” he gasped.

    “Ah, right. Don’t usually bother, since no one here seems to recognize it anyway. But it’s Ray Lilly.”

    And Ray walked away, popping more meat into his mouth even as his wounds began to heal.

    Predicted Winner: Ray Lilly


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    Kelsier is a character from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson; Ray Lilly is a character from the Twenty Palaces series by Harry Connolly

    Kelsier image courtesy of Ben McSweeney. Ray Lilly image courtesy of Chris McGrath and Del Rey books

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