Cage Match 2012: Round 3: Revan versus Mr. Wednesday


The Contestants


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Jedi Knight
Age: Mid 50s
Race: Human
Weapons / Artifacts: Lightsaber; Force powers
Force lightning

Mr. Wednesday
Odin All-father
Age: Unknown
Race: God
Weapons / Artifacts: None (but he does have two ravens)
Master of the Twice-Nine Charms

The Breakdown


  • Advanced precognition abilities and battle foresight allows him to anticipate his enemies’ intentions and actions
  • Superhuman speed and reflexes
  • A strategic and tactical fighter

  • American incarnation of Odin, has access to almost boundless magical power
  • A master con artist, he prefers to use his charm and skill at manipulation to direct attacks
  • The Twice-Nine Charms include the ability to heal with a touch; to turn aside the weapons of an enemy; and to turn back spells upon their caster

  • Spent most of his life unsure which gender he was…

  • It ain’t easy being the god of a dying religion

  • Y.T.
  • Tomas
    You just got Forced out of Cage Match

How we think the fight will go

“You are just a man. I am a god.”

“I’m not just a man. I’m a Jedi Knight. I am a being of the Force.”

“But what is the Force if not a physical manifestation of the power of the gods?”


Mr. Wednesday looked confused. “What?”

“Don’t worry,” Revan said. “I don’t quite get it myself. We usually don’t talk about them. All you need to know is that I don’t think my powers come from you.”

“And you think that still matters? You won’t attack me.”

“Did you just wave a finger in front of you when you said that?” Revan asked incredulously. “I have the Force. My mind can’t be affected by an outside influence.”


“Right? It’s probably why they seeded me number 1 here, and not you…a god.” The tell-tale snap-hiss of a lightsaber being activated sounded across the stadium, and in a flash Revan was on Mr. Wednesday and the old Norse god—or rather, his incarnation—was sliced in two. “This was probably the other reason.

“May the Force be with you…”

Predicted Winner: Revan


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Revan is a character from Star Wars (Lucasfilm, Ltd); Mr. Wednesday is a character from American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Revan image courtesy of Lucasfilm, Ltd and Del Rey Books. Mr. Wednesday image courtesy of HarperCollins

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  • D.I. Waisanen

    A rather underwhelming write-up, but I have to agree that Revan wins this one. He just came out of killing a god in the last match. The mere presence of a being from such a technologically advanced universe with such powerful technology would probably be harmful to Mr. Wednesday’s health.

  • David

    The write-up ignores Mr. Wednesday’s ability to turn aside weapons. The lightsaber wouldn’t go on this one. The question is, could he turn aside a force-lightning attack?

  • MrIzzy

    This just doesn’t ring true. Wednesday doesn’t get into fist fights. And if he did, Revan would be in a fight with the father of the Norse gods, a culture revolving around war and conflict. Hardly as simple as swinging a light saber.

  • Heather

    Not buying that Revan wins this one even with advanced technology. At the end of the day, Mr. Wednesday is Odin, the All-Father of … Battle. Right. You can be a Jedi knight or a fallen Jedi, whacking at him with lightsabers and lightning galore but it’s not going to do a whole lot when presumably that deity can absorb or deflect lightning. Better yet, he’ll just not be there when you go to hit him.

  • darthcaz

    Mr. Wednesday is not Odin the All-father, he is an extremely watered down, conceptual idea of Odin. Also, even if he was a full-fledged Norse god, the Norse gods are not immortal in the sense of other gods, and could be killed just as easily as humans. See Ragnarok, the final battle, where Odin is killed by a giant wolf. Revan, on the other hand, is one of, if not the, most powerful Jedi of all time, uses both the light and dark side in pursuit of Justice, and is a tactical and strategic genius. No contest.

  • darthcaz

    Mr. Wednesday is not Odin the All-faher, only a watered-down concept of him. Even if he were, the Norse gods were not immortal like other deities and could be killed as easily as humans, like when Odin is eaten by a giant wolf at Ragnarrok. Revan on the other hand is one of, if not the, most powerful Jedi of all time, as well as a tactical genius. He could easily shield himself from anything Wednesday threw at him, and respond with a Force attack Odin has no power over as a god with only a specific domain.

  • Ian

    I’m sorry to say but I really think that Wednesday has been discounted from the very beginning. In all of his write ups he just stands there commanding people to do stuff and then loses. Like is he a powerful opponent in his own right and really gotten the credit hes deserves. I really hope he gets a decent write when he faces Granny Weatherwax. I know he going to lose, cause its friggin Granny Weatherwax, but he should at least be given a chance, none of this \I’m a god, Do what I say, Ah I’m dead.\ stuff.

  • Tim

    Wow. Revan’s out. And there I was picking him as the greatest single threat to Kylar Stern, just pitting Anomander Rake.

  • Archon

    poor Revan must have been the only contender on here that didn’t have any peeps looking out for him during the last hour yesterday… Mr Wednesday came in in the last 20 minutes or so and snuck out the victory…

  • MegaZeroX

    Why is the poll already closed when their should still be 2 hours?

  • doctor

    Because Wednesday convinced someone to close it?

    There’s really no other way this could have gone, you know.

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