Cage Match 2012: Round 4: Moiraine Damodred versus Kelsier



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The Contestants

Moiraine Damodred
Aes Sedai of The Blue Ajah
Age: 44
Race: Human (Aes Sedai)
Weapons / Artifacts: The One Power – Sai Dar; Angreal to boost her power

The Survivor
Age: 38
Race: Mistborn
Weapons / Artifacts: Metal vials; glass and obsidian daggers
Ironpulling and Steelpushing

The Breakdown


  • Strong in the One Power—a veritable demigod amongst men
  • Battle-tested veteran
  • A woman (and therefore underestimated, because let’s face it: SF/F women often get a bum rap)

  • Master of Allomancy
  • Super-tough: Survived the Pits of Hathsin
  • Cunning and charming—a deadly combo

  • Obsessive about her life’s mission, to the point that she’s willing to risk unraveling the fabric of space-time to achieve it.

  • Stubborn, reckless, and impulsive (you know, a guy)

  • Tarzan
    Del Rey editor Frank is crying right now
  • The Dagda Mor
    One Power trumps the Staff of Power
  • Jardir
    He lost to the very Core of his being

How we think the fight will go


How Brandon Sanderson, creator of Kelsier and coauthor of the final three Wheel of Time books, thinks the match will go:


Kelsier flipped a coin off the side of the White Tower. He sat at its apex–upon the ledge that rimmed the tower’s top–with one of his legs hanging out over the side.

He watched the coin sparkle as it fell. The wind up this high smelled fresh. Sharp.

“So,” Moiraine said, approaching the ledge, “here you are. Sitting there seems foolhardy.”

“I like heights.”

“I could shove you off with a weave of Air,” Moiraine said. “Send you tumbling toward the ground.”

“Which is precisely why I dropped a coin,” Kelsier said, throwing another for good measure. “To be honest, though, I’m not particularly interested in fighting you.”

“I don’t believe we were given a choice.”

“We could always stage a revolt,” Kelsier said. “Hunt down the people who did this to us. I have it on good authority that they’re all just a bunch of scribes.”

“No good,” Moiraine said. “I tried to find them through the Portal Stones already. But, if you do not wish to fight, we could always settle this by using plausibility as a measure. As I understand it, you’re actually dead.”

“Spoilers,” Kelsier said.

“We’ll put a warning at the top,” Moiraine replied, settling down on the ledge, sparing not a glance for the plunge. “And don’t change the topic. I believe that I would win, as you’re actually a corpse.”

“You’re dead too,” Kelsier said.

“I got better.”

“You did?” Kelsier said, surprised.

“Book Thirteen.”

“Damn. I got stuck in Book Ten.”

“It’s not as bad as people say,” Moiraine replied. “Mat’s sections are wonderful.”

“Well,” Kelsier said, “I don’t think it matters if you came back. We could just say this is me from the middle of the first Mistborn book. Besides, I think I eventually got better myself.”

“Doesn’t count. You became a disembodied voice that may or may not have actually been speaking into the mind of a young boy who was probably insane.”

“Yes,” Kelsier said, “but my series has a long way to go yet. Who knows what could happen? I’ve heard that some very remarkable things can happen with spikes . . .”

Moiraine sighed. “Well, if you will not accept that argument, then it will have to come to down to a fight. I do not enter a contest except to win.” Though her calm features betrayed no emotions, her eyes shone with a quiet intensity. A mountain would budge from its place before this woman abandoned her goals.

“I like you,” Kelsier said, smiling. “You’ve got something of the psychopath to you.”

“Prepare yourself,” Moiraine said.

Kelsier held up a finger. “One problem. I believe that there are these little things called the Three Oaths, and–as it turns out–I’m not a Darkfriend.”

“Oh, please,” Moiraine said. “Obviously the Oaths aren’t in force. How could I have gotten this far otherwise?”

“No idea,” Kelsier said. “In this match, however, I’m certain that the one writing it won’t let you violate your innate principles. Therefore, I doubt you can hurt me.”

“I’ll tie you in weaves of Air.”

“That won’t count as a victory,” Kelsier said. “Cage match, to the death, blah blah.”

“I’m certain they’ll make an exception.”

“I’ll file an appeal,” Kelsier said.

“You can’t–”

“You’ll find I’m good at doing the impossible,” Kelsier said. “It’s one of my specialties.”

“Too bad staying alive isn’t another of them.”


“Does that word even make sense in-world?”

“Damned if I know,” Kelsier said. “We got away with ‘hat trick,’ didn’t we? Anyway, if you tie me in air, I vow to stall. For as long as I can, as loudly as I can.”

Moiraine shrugged. “Why should I care?”

“Because you have something better to be doing.”

“And you don’t?”

“Please,” Kelsier said. “I already saved the world. It only took me one book, I’ll add.”

“That’s funny, because from what I’ve heard, you left that ‘saved’ world in a fairly awful state. Your friends ended up doing all the work in the next few books; the only thing you did was provide a convenient skeleton.”

“Details.” Kelsier said. “The point here is that I can afford to lounge about, but you can’t. If you win this match, you’ll have to go on fighting in this thing for weeks longer. All of that will distract you from your purpose. And, to remind you, the longer I drag this conversation out, the longer a certain person isn’t working on the conclusion of your story.”

“Oh please,” Moiraine said. “The guy writes thousand-page books in his sleep every night. It won’t take him long to write this.”

“Be that as it may,” Kelsier replied, “I think you underestimate my ability to make a complete nuisance of myself. I promise you, I can draw this out. Hell, I’ll bet I could turn this conversation of ours into at least a novella. Maybe a six-part epic.”

Moiraine folded her arms, glaring at him.

“Face it,” Kelsier said. “If you want Randal–or whatever is name is–to get on with that saving the world business, you’re just going to have to forfeit. You don’t have time for this, woman. You’ve got a schedule to keep.”

She considered it. The breeze rustled his mistcloak.

“That smirk of yours is insufferable,” she finally said.

“Thank you. I practiced extensively.” He held out a hand. “Do we have a deal? You return to the Last Battle, and I spend my postmortem retirement filling people with lots of holes–preferably of the type that bleed vigorously.”

“Fine,” Moiraine said, slipping down off the wall and walking away. “I never had an interest in this in the first place.”

“Wait,” Kelsier said, hopping off the wall and grabbing Moiraine by the arm. “We forgot something.”

“And what, precisely, is that?”

“Fanservice,” Kelsier said, then dipped her low and leaned in for a kiss.

He froze halfway through the move.

“Unfortunately for you,” Moiraine said, slipping out of his grip and leaving him wrapped in weaves of Air, “I am taken. I have tied off the weaves; they should unravel in . . . oh, one week’s time.” She glanced at the sky. “Looks like rain.”

She slipped away down the steps into the White Tower.

Well, Kelsier thought, smiling as a drop of rain hit his cheek, I suppose that could have gone worse than it did.

Predicted Winner: Kelsier



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Moiraine Damodred is a character from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan; Kelsier is a character from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson

Moiraine image courtesy of Jason Chan and Tor Books. Kelsier image courtesy of Ben McSweeney

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  • Ok, Brian, that was fabulous. How the hell am I going to chose on this one? I’ll have to ponder on this one a couple of days and vote later.

  • wcarter4

    Sanderson is a Kelsier/Moraine shipper?! Umm wow…

  • Drayr

    Great write-up. I would rather have this then a fight to the death any day.

  • Sean

    Ahaha. Haha. Ha. Sanderson is actually The Best.

    One question though… at the bottom it says: \Special thanks to Aidan Moher from A Dribble of Ink, who collaborated with Peter V. Brett to write up this Cage Match\. What’s that about?

  • Sir Read-a-Lot

    This is pure gold.

  • JOE

    After being tied in Air at the top of the Tower for a while, Kel was struck by lightning. Moiraine hadn’t thought of that. oh well, she wins anyway.

  • Longshanks

    GREAT writeup! Unfortunately, I’ll have to disagree with our esteemed author and vote Moiraine – after all, Kelsier would have died of dehydration in less than a week, even burning pewter.

  • Blargh001

    The only cage match that had an author writing with full knowledge of the powers of both participants, and then there’s no fighting :s I am disappoint.

  • Shadow’sBane

    well….who should i vote for…
    i love Wheel of Time…its my Favorite Fantasy…But Kell is a very good character….it bloody difficult to choose…

  • BDM

    I voted Kel, because the WOT fandom is nastiest fandom in existence.

  • JOE

    seriously, Kel would die in a week or less. Moiraine is just sitting around in the Tower waiting for the next battle.
    As much as I like the Survivor, you made it into more of an argument than a fight. And she’s an AES SEDAI. If anything, she probably could have tricked HIM into giving up somehow… than still tied him in Weaves and left him to die.

  • Kyo

    That was awesome! Thanks to Brandon for such an amazing write up – Kel is such a charmer ^^

  • Boron

    are you kidding me? that wasn´t a write up, that was just two characters boosting about their books(which they don´t even know about, because they are from a world, where this books don´t exist). That was an advertisment, and a badly done one at that. There´s no way i´ll vote for either of them. neither deserves to be here, in the first place.
    i´m sure your fans will like this, because thats what fans do. mr. sanderson, but you sure as hell won´t find any new ones with that. I for one just crossed the mistborne series off my to read list.

  • Shadow’sBane

    u are be practically removing ‘B’ from your name and adding ‘M’ in its place by the comment there…
    i know that there is no fight becoz author finds it difficult to let any of his Fan-base down…
    and to let u know…there is more to characters than their magical powers…

    and Cage match is supposed to be a
    Character VS Character
    and NOT
    Magic System VS Magic System.

    i vote for the character i like…..
    and in this match i can’t vote…

  • D.I. Waisanen

    This has to be the funniest write-up yet, even though it utterly demolishes any semblance of a fourth wall. Kelsier trying to get into Moiraine’s pants was something I was hoping to see but didn’t really think would happen, and Moiraine tying him up and leaving him out in the rain was one outcome I foresaw for a Moiraine victory.

    \Damn, I stuck in Book 10.\

    You said it, Kelsier! Crossroads of Twilight really was the slowest of the bunch.

    Anyway, in an actual fight, Moiraine’s abilities would afford her more flexibility and raw power, and she could stave off any of Kelsier’s attacks with air weaves. However, Kelsier could also win if he got the drop on her or if he stole her angreal, without which she is reduced to only a smidgeon of power–he IS a master thief and an expert at stealth.

    I’m a bit torn on this one, again.

  • D.I. Waisanen

    There’s a minor error in Kelsier’s information: His first two kills are the characters that Ray Lilly defeated. They should be Gale Hawthorne and Chess Putnam, instead.

  • Dragon Reborn

    Remember, Moiraine isn’t powerful now after coming out of the Tower of Ghenjei, so Kel could probably take her.

    Man I am torn whom to vote for…

  • telobsidion

    It’s pretty difficult for me to imagine who would actually win in a real fight. They both have moves they could use in an instant to completely disarm the other person. How quickly could Moiraine tie up Kelsier in air and gag him and engulf him in lightning or fire? How quickly can Kelsier hit Moiraine with a strong mix of Rioting and Soothing and cause her to lose her control of Saidar, or even just to momentarily stun her (though that tends not to be Keslier’s style) before pelting her with coins? This seems like one of the fights that would be decided by who was quickest to draw the gun, so to speak.

    I think I’ll give my vote to Kelsier. The WoT has had pretty good representation the last few years. I know Vin made it pretty deep into the bracket last time around, but I think the Mistborn magic system is very unique and, to be honest, more interesting (and I’m a larger WoT fan than a Mistborn fan, though I love both). On top of that, I think both of them have a pretty even chance of winning this match anyway.

    So Kelsier it is.

  • Boron

    shadowbane, you are absolutely right, there is more to characters than their magical powers. And whenever moraine or Rake or anyone else of this overpowerd characters is going up against a character with depht, all their fans only say “but he/she has this magical ability (i.e. balefire) and he would win anyway”, so don´t tell me all off a sudden, it´s about the depht of the characters because neither the write up´s nor the fans have shown any depht for this characters. and this particular write up didn´t either.
    as you, i vote for whom i like. I don´t know both of this. so i was excited the author wrote for both because i thought i finally could learn something about them. i was vastly disapointed. You don´t see what they can do (well i know, balefire, erasing people from reality, yada yada yada), you can´t even see how they behave, because they are doing nothing an das they talk about thinks they´d never know (their books) you can´t asume that their characters are portrait corectly in the slightest. As i said, i´m sure the fans will like it, but for anyone else this is the worst write-up possible.
    the missing depht is exactly what grinds my gear in this.
    And insulting people with other opinions doesn´t prove you right, either.

  • Just Just

    @ Boron, I don’t agree with that, I actually enjoyed this write up immensly. I actually had no intentions of reading the mistborne series, but after this write up I am thinking about going to the library to see if they have ‘m there!

  • Oh my gosh. I’m dying laughing. Literally, rolling on the floor laughing.

  • Bryan

    @Boron, Its Mistborn not mistborne… and if you don’t read them, oh well your loss.

  • Jacob

    @Boron – Quit being such a baby. Nobody cares what you will and will not read. Sanderson isn’t lacking readers and so I’m sure he’ll do just fine without your contribution. You’re doing a disservice to yourself, not the author. I don’t particularly like the write-up either but you’re ridiculous.

  • darniil

    For those wondering, Sanderson just flipped a coin and wrote something that met with that outcome.

    On a different note…
    “I’ve heard that some very remarkable things can happen with spikes . . .””
    Two atium spikes + one male channeler and one female channeler = ?

  • Eltar

    Gosh dangit, I wish that Suvudu would stop making comments disappear. But as I said in my mysteriously vanished comment, I think that this was a fantastic write up. I’m glad that Sanderson chose to have the two characters talk rather than fight. After all, Kelsier was a seminal figure in creating a revolution while Moraine dealt with politicians, royalty and schemers on a daily basis. It’s good to see traits other than their battle skills being placed on display.

    @ Boron

    1) Please do not assume that powerful characters such as Rake or Moraine lack depth. Read the books first before you make comments regarding their complexity or lack thereof. You might be pleasantly surprised.
    2) Follow your own advice and do not insult the opinions of other people. You were not as bad as the person you were making reference to, but please, follow what you preach.
    3) As I said above, the talking between the two characters is actually fitting for them. In addition to being powerful warriors both characters are accomplished speakers and manipulators. There’s more than just one side to both of them.

  • Joel

    I get the disappointment, I actually already knew that Sanderson wasn’t going to write a “real” fight between them because he had already said he didn’t have the time to invest in doing it properly, and since he couldn’t do it properly he chose to do a humorous one instead. So I wasn’t upset by this write-up, although I would have loved to see him actually write the fight, since he’s really the only person who can do it properly I think.
    Hopefully knowing his reasons will placate your opinion of this some, and you really should read his series’, they’re wonderful.

  • Archon

    Boron is not entirely off base with his comment;

    “…whenever moraine or Rake or anyone else of this overpowerd characters is going up against a character with depht, all their fans only say “but he/she has this magical ability (i.e. balefire) and he would win anyway”, so don´t tell me all off a sudden, it´s about the depht of the characters…”

    As I mentioned in a previous Moraine round, there havve been a number of times in previous Cage matches that certain WoT fans have done 180’s on their principles to support their characters… No surprise that some of them would do it now…

  • Huh

    I agree with Boron. The hack that wrote this write-up should have at least read or at least Googled Mistborn and WoT before trying to write about them.

    Wait, what?

  • Dreavyn

    100% agree with Eltar! 🙂

  • D.I. Waisanen

    I think I’ll be happy with the outcome whatever it is, so long as it’s close, and so far, it seems to be. This two were both invincible before coming to this match-up; if they hadn’t met each other here, they might have done so in the semis or even the finals.

  • Abyss


  • @telobsidion, great thought process on who you think would win and why… you’ve almost convinced me to vote for Kelsier when I was set on Mo! Methinks I’ll let it stew awhile before deciding, because this is definitely a tough choice between these two. Mo is one of my favorites in the WoT and Kelsier is… well, Kelsier. Gotta love him!

    While I was moderately disappointed not to see fighting, I would have been a sad fan to see either of them kill the other. So I’m actually pleased to see the way Brandon decided to write this match, it was better than the Kylar Stern/Harry Potter match, which was also quite a lot of fun!

    @Boron, it’s too bad you’ve opted out of reading the Mistborn series because of this write-up. But were it you the author, could you decide which of your characters should kill the other? I think Mr. Sanderson did a great job of settling that issue and ultimately choosing the character that he created over the one he adopted. The thing is, that he also showed what makes these characters so loveable… namely, their ‘character’ rather than their power or their prowess in battle. We wouldn’t care about how Mo or Kell did in a fight unless we enjoyed reading about them otherwise… so this write-up is a great intro to who each of these characters ARE, rather than what they can DO.

  • Legs

    That one had me laughing. Thank you BS for the wonderful write up. Apparently Kel own your coinflip xD

  • Aaron

    Kelsier would just have to soothe her into submission, then burn a little atium (just in case) and take her out before she notices anything’s wrong.

  • B. Reed

    I read this match about 2 hours ago, and I still haven’t decided who to vote for.

    Those of you who are complaining, keep in mind that Brandon couldn’t decide who would win either, so he flipped a coin and wrote something that would make sense.

    My issue is Moiraine forfeited, BUT she tied Kelsier up with air and left him there at the very end. I am torn as to whether or not that should be considered a win.

    I don’t know anything about Kelsier because I haven’t read Mistborn.

    I know this was a quick little thing more along the lines of fanfiction, than actually staying utterly true to the characters, but I sure hope he does a bit better with Moiraine’s personality and her speech patterns in aMoL, than he did here.

    Also, reading Kelsier’s part, I understand now what happened to Mat in ToM. Kelsier leaked through the two series to take over for a few lines there. Mat is my favorite of the three Taveren and so I am most critical when it comes to his lines. Most of it I found to be fine, but there were a couple of spots in ToM where I felt I was reading fanfiction. Sorry, that was slightly off topic.

    hmm, who to vote for.

  • loimprevisto

    I’m going with Kelsier, due to Moiraine’s oaths and his ability to burn zinc to disrupt her ability to hold the One Power.

  • Nate

    Hah! Hilarious write up! 🙂
    I’ll admit… a fight would have been cool. But this was still awesome. 😀

  • Nathan Armstrong

    Brandon didn’t intend this to be serious, people. He’s making fun of some of the silly or contested points in both series in a highly meta manner. It’s not like this is canon or anything… just chuckle and don’t take it seriously.

  • av willis

    Just going to throw this out there, there is nothing to stop Moiraine from tying Kelsier up and then just stabbing him with a knife, or some other physical attack that does not require the one power or put her three oaths into conflict. On the other hand, she does have that nice metal chain around her forehead…

  • Jess

    to those who have commented on the characters in ablilty to know about the books they star in…

    Moraine has used the portal stones and so has seen all worlds (including the one where her whole life was just a book) and Kelsier used to have long talks with Sazed about all the religions he knew of, no doubt he has heard the prophecies of the dragon many times 😀

  • Metacognition

    I love both series. I’ve read both of them countless times over and I still think I’ve got to vote for Kelsier.
    For one Moraine just has too many drawbacks to her power to really be much of a threat. Between the oaths, the need of the angreal, the need to be able to see the weaves, needing to be calm to embrace the source, etc. True, when she IS capable of using her power, it’s flexible, deadly and awe inspiring, but to get to that point, there’s just too many opportunities for Kelsier to work with. Remember (kinda spoiler alert, though no more than the write up above), this is the same guy who knew how to take the impossible task of defeating a “god” by breaking it down into smaller tasks. He’d be able to figure out how to use any and all of the above weaknesses against Moraine before she even thought about channeling.

  • dry009

    Remember that the oaths allow an Aes Sedai to protect herself if her life is in danger. In a a battle-to-the-death cage match, you can guarantee she’d feel threatened enough to circumvent the oath the entire duration of the tournament.

    That aside – I love both characters and both series. I was really hoping to see actual combat, just because it would be amazing and flashy. Don’t get me wrong – I loved the write-up – but it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

    So I wrote one myself. I’m pretty sure it’s way too long to post here, though. I’ll see what I can do though, if my “editor” agrees with me that it’s decent.

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve read something that made me literally Laugh Out Loud more than once before getting to the end. My husband, who sent me the link to the fight, had to endure me reading lines out loud – badly, since I was trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard.

    I was a hardcore WoT fan first, but I’m also a big Mistborn fan. This was a fantastic write-up… I could actually picture it in my head with the voices I’ve assigned to each of them.

    I had to vote for Moiraine. She tied the poor guy up and left him there. No telling what could happen to him in a week’s time. I see Moiraine moving on to the next round.

  • Rinzi

    I really enjoyed this write-up because it was funny, and don’t think Sanderson expects anyone to really take this seriously since he didn’t have time to make a serious fight write-up what with having to complete the Wheel of Time and all. I know I’d have loved to see Moiraine and Kelsier fight, but I can’t hold a tight schedule against Sanderson, especially since I want to get my hands on AMoL as soon as I possibly can.

  • 5 days with no water to drink (unless he manages to catch some in his mouth by chance from this storm) as well as the chance of being struck by lightning?

    I think I’m clearly the winner.

  • Sir Read-a-Lot

    Of course Kel won the coinflip. It was a metal coin, after all.

  • david

    did you guys even read the WOT? she isnt allowed to take any actions that would cause the death of a person even indirectly without her life being in danger so obviously he cant die from this or her weaves would never have formed so however she left him he is only that way temporarily and im guessing she says it as a joke about how we wont hear anything more about the character until the next write up. now she can wiggle within the truth so maybe the weaves would last a week (they would last forever if she made them to) but im guessing from the way he words it were to assume kelsier is stuck in place until the magic of cage match brings him to his next opponent.
    Now on a related point how is it that kylar (night angel trilogy) was forced to fight harry potter to the death and gimlii 2 people he wouldnt kill unless forced yet moraine can just tie weaves of air around someone and walkaway? i like the write up but if suvudu is going to allow more popular authors to take liberties that less popular authors have been told not too it kind of ruins the fun…

  • Joy

    I’m going with Kel, too. . .though I admit I’m several books behind on WoT. I did love Sanderson’s poke at his “hat trick” line. My husband was thrown completely out of the story by that! (we’re hockey fans, and he found that painful. . . I just thought it was funny!)

  • sacredhonour


    You might need to re-read WoT also. Nothing stops Moraine from doing what she did. This was actually a pretty clever part by Brandon (who WRITES WoT now). I have to assume Brandon is very well versed in the rules of the WoT universe as the chosen successor to finish the books.

    RJ was always pretty clear about how well Aes Sedai could bend their oaths. While they can’t directly attack someone without reason, they are able to do things like wrap them in air and leave them, or I believe an example from one of the books was an Aes Sedai threatening to hold someone in air while her warder slit the person’s throat (the warder killed the person).

    Technically, in this came, Moiraine does not KNOW he will die from leaving him on the balcony, so it is reasonable he can be left there.

    @Brandon, as someone who has read both series multiple times (WoT 10+ now) I thought this was hilarious. Well done!

  • Robert


    Actually, the write up for these two characters is perfectly exemplary of their depth. Moraine, Aes Sedai, is not permitted to use her magic unless her life is in danger, which it was not. These are the Three Oaths Kell mentioned. As such, many Aes Sedai utilize diplomacy and word twisting to get what they want, often while the poor sap their talking to thought it was his idea. On top of that, Moaraine has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to a singular purpose, turning it into an obsession. She never does anything that she doesn’t need to, or that doesn’t serve that purpose.

    As for Kell, that is exactly how he behaves and the kind of logic and interactions he has in the Mistborn series. He’s a wise cracking, flippant, overconfident, fun loving revolutionary that won’t let anything stop him or even bring him down. Yes, he’s powerful, but he doesn’t let that define him.

    And both of these characters have a deep understanding that displays of power, while necessary from time to time, are not the answer to even half of the problems facing them.

    Instead of giving everyone a fight, which Sanderson self admitted he did not have the time to do properly, he instead gave everyone the exact interaction that would have happened between these two. You have just received a snapshot into the character’s of Kelsier and Moraine Domodred. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  • Joseph Lenderman

    Moiraine has to be able to withstand the initial attack on her. Then her life is clearly in danger and she wins hands down. Her only vulnerability (IMHO) is giving up first attack.

  • Darkmaman

    Now for my analysis which more wise people have already mentioned but hopefully I can still add own two cents. Being as kelsier can always riot or sooth Moraine’s emotion I can see why that would be a disavantage for her, but if I’m not mistaken the wheel of time books just mention in what state does a person have to be in to embrace saidar or saiden. (Not including Nyneave which doesn’t follow in the normal rules being as she is a wilder. I’m ofcouse mentioning the fact she had to keep her temper up in order to facilitate her usage of the one power.)
    Also Moraine’s disadvantage which Brandon Sanderson so eloquently put in the post as she being restricted by the three oaths not to harm anyone but a darkfriend, applys in regards to offensively attacking Kelsier, but once Kelsier attacks Moraine (with the intent of killing of killing, being as this is a battle to the death) Moraine’s restrictions of using the one power wouldn’t be in force anymore because she can use the one power to defend herself or the life of her warder. And even in worse case secenario that she would have to initiate the fight whereby restricting her use of the one power, Moraine can still lock up Kelser in weaves of air and stab Kelser in the belly with a dagger or sword (her three oaths only restricting her from killing by the one power not with normal mortal instuments of death).

    Because of the above facts I have to go and say that the winner of this contest would be Moraine, but kelsier I still love you, sorry about this 🙁

    P.S I hope this is a accurate depiction of the battle. I know it looks looks majorly biase in regards to Moraine being the victor. But honostly I love allomency and the nice manipulation in gives on its wielders, but its still no match against the one power and its ultimate manifestation ”BAILFIRE”)

  • master

    personaly I’d say kelsier is the better fighter, but moraine is the more versatile one. it would depend on the situation. In an equal fight with both of them knowing the others capabilties, I’d say moraine would use a weave of air to stop kelsiers coinshots, she’d also not wear any metal. But kelsier would also know to move around fairly quickly to avoid her fireballs and balefire.

    meh, I can’t vote, too many variable.

  • freaker

    I’m a big Mistborn fan (who is currently going through WoT now,) and I have to say that even though I love Kelsier more than Moiraine, Moiraine would win. By votes too. I suppose that It’s goodbye to the survivor. 🙁

    Well, on a brighter subject, there’s next year’s cage match too! Maybe Marsh/Ironeyes can come out next?

  • Not Telling

    I’ve been saying that since the start of this year’s Cagematch.

    @all the people who hate this writeup.
    This is a great writeup. You just wanted to see the characters fight, but Sanderson wrote thier personality into it. I enjoyed it, but I may try my own writeup to post in the comments.

  • Milo

    One thing only and one thing only. You have to remember. Wheel of Time characters that participate on Suvudu, often tend to get in the upper position. Given that Kelsier is a character that you won t see for a while ( a real long while) in the cage match… Why won t you simply vote for him to see his outcome again other chars??? You know, is very likely a WoT character will appear in the next.

  • Eric

    Seriously, screw balefire. Maybe I read some different books than you guys did, but in the version of wheel of time I have, balefire isn’t an I win button. If It was a fight, Kelsier would win because he’s clever. Moiraine wouldn’t even see the coin coming. Anyway, Moiraine vs Anomander will probably be cooler anyway.

  • Shadow’sBane

    that write-up was mostly written for fans those who have read both or one of the series…and most of the fans will agree , the write-up is pretty hilarious. I to was hoping for a fight…but this works too…. Brandon Sanderson(BS) is pretty busy completing the final book of Wheel of Time (aMoL), so we fans are pretty grateful what write-up he gave us.
    as BS already said in Cage Match 2010…he feels uncomfortable writing about WoT character outside the books..becoz they are not his own….as you can see above..there more Keleier related things than Moiraine…

    as for power-related things..
    well WoT characters are very strong, most in both character-depth and Power…
    and most of Bale-Fire thing was mostly joking(in Cage-Match 2012 )…
    and if u have followed previous cage-matches..

    in 2011 WoT- Perrin Ayabara lost…it was pretty heated mostly…becoz most ppl were like vote for QuicK-Ben becoz he is more powerful..

    in 2010…WoT-Rand Al’thor Won…becoz he was the both Strongest character and the best liked….and during 2010 matches all that Balefire relation hate was there becoz people at suvudu didn’t bother to read WoT…they just used Bale-fire in Rand’s matches…
    if u wanna see more about WoT u should check out these…

    Rand VS Jaime (2010 final match) by GRRM and its Extension By Brandon Samderson.

    there are links above the actual write-up…one link is of GRRM write-up and another of BS’s Write-up

  • Niraj

    I think Moiraine would win too, the one power is just too powerful compared to allomancy. But most importantly, I thought that the writeup was absolutely hilarious and pretty awesome. +1 to BS

  • Spindle

    Fun write-up. I lol’ed at “Spoilers.”

  • Aurion

    This entire fight hinges on whether Kelsier has atium. He can’t beat Moraine without it, but she doesn’t stand a chance against a mistborn burning it (nor does anyone else in this bracket).

  • freaker

    I agree with Aurion.

    Also (maybe someone already brought this up, but) could Kelsier soothe/riot Moiraine’s emotions and make her lose concentration? I dunno, but then Moiraine can’t use the One Power right?

  • freaker

    Arg! I can’t seem to make up my mind.

  • Jaworski

    Lol great write up by Brandon.

  • Definitely Kelsier. Aes Sedai do have more power I suppose but Kelsier is much more resourceful and willing to do whatever is necessary. In a real fight I think Kelsier would win. Unless he underestimated his opponent and she just balefired him out of existence I suppose.

  • Gene

    See, now I had been hoping to see a standoff involving Atium and Balefire, for the simple fact that one forsees actions that someone will take in the future while the other erases the past that it is passing through. I do believe that Kelsier would *probably* be able to see it. Beyond that, however, Kelsier is at a complete disadvantage because he cannot even see the weaves Moiraine is preparing until it is too late. He would not, for example be able to forsee weaves of air restraining him, or hitting him for that matter. He would not be able to forsee compulsion (which most Aes Sedai have discovered in one minor form or anothere in their years), which would be at least as effective as Brass or Zinc.

    Beyond that, Zinc and Brass in particular would be about as effective on Moiraine as they would on the High Prelan; that is to say very little, considering that her mind is as thoroughly trained as the Cantons, if not more so.

    Kelsier’s primary advantage is going to be mobility. Neither can cut off the powers of the other (even considering that Kelsier might now know all 16 metals). As stated above, Stell and Iron will probably have little effect simply because Moiraine could shield herself with air and not have any metal.

    So far: No Zinc, Brass, Steel, or Iron (except for mobility). Tin and Pewter are, of course, useful in any situation, so they would give an additional edge in terms of mobility. Copper and Bronze would be useless. Same for Gold. Electrum (rather than Atium) would probably be actually MORE effective against Moiraine because if I understand correctly it shows you your own future instead of the future of other things (meaning he might percieve himself being hit by something invisible). Duralumin would, of course, enhance his own metals to become more useful. Aluminum, Chromium and Nicrosil are moot against a non-Mistborn.

    Kelsier wouldn’t gain much from slowing down time, so Cadmium is generally out, leaving Bendalloy as a useful tool.

    So the way I see it Kelsier has Pewter, Tin, Electrum, and Cadmium as his greatest tools, and Steel and Iron to help with mobility. Moiraine only misses out on one single power…the power of a Shield. The three oaths are, theoretically, problematic except that once the fight started it would be moot. Additionally in Moiraine’s shoes I would probably convince myself that someone who had risen from the dead partially from the power of Ruin may just qualify as a darkspawn. Being in a ‘cage match’ to the death is also a viable “in the last defense of my own life” excuse.

    As characters, I find Moiraine to actually be more likeable (especially after New Spring). The woman has nearly always been as driven and motivated as Kelsier was for a couple of years. The both of them are masters at manipulation, but Moiraine is not driven by any kind of unnecessary biased hatred. That might give Kelsier an edge (considering that if planted in the world of Wheel of Time he would probably hate nobles and Aes Sedai), but it’s his least likeable attribute.

    They are probably matched in wit, though I can guarantee that Moiraine is better educated.

    So, the point I’m trying to make with this long, meandering post is that Moiraine really should win, in my opinion.

  • dry009

    After a very lengthy theory-crafting session with a good friend of mine, discussing what we knew about each character, their abilities, the way magic in their worlds work, we came to this conclusion:

    In any fight where the duration is long enough to make an interesting read, Kelsier wins because Atium is some bullsh*t.

  • Eltar

    @ dry009


  • Dasher

    Wow. BS did an awesome job with the writeup. I love WOT, and also the Mistborn series. They are both really cool, with a lot of depth to them. Who wins, well so hard, but I think Moiraine by a nose. The one power in the hands of a skilled user… Kelsier is good, but not that good.

  • telobsidion


    I have to disagree with you about zinc and brass not working on Moiraine. While I agree that she’s likely to deal with it better than most people off the street, she’s not trained to detect the play on her emotions and, while she is good at masking her emotions and remaining serene, we see her get quite clearly frustrated a few times in the series. She’s not superhuman by any means with regards to control of her emotions. I think it would work, until at least Moiraine warded her mind, assuming she would get a grip and do that fast enough and not lose control of saidar, which requires surrendering herself to it and not trying to force it.

  • Leaken

    Also, about Moiraine not wearing any metal – even if she knew his powers like that, would she give up her great serpent ring? Doesn’t seem a very Aes Sedai thing to do, as she’d likely just be confident enough that she’d keep wearing the symbol of who she is. And of course, that would give Kelsier a weapon *Inside* whatever shield she weaves. Also, is her Angreal made of metal?

  • Metacognition

    @Leaken: As much as I think Kelsier would probably win this fight, remember that metal “attached” to a person shouldn’t be able to be manipulated.
    True, it’s typically in the form of pierced metal, but I can’t remember an instance where, say, Sazed’s rings were capable of being used against him either.
    The main thing Kelsier has going for him is the fact that he could stop the fight before it even began. There are so many requirements for wielding the one power. must be calm to surrender to it, must be able to see the weaves, etc. For Moraine, these problems are added to her already limited use without the angreal.
    Kelsier is known for being able to break an impossible task into smaller pieces that are workable and I have no doubt that he’d do the same here.
    Besides, as others have stated, Atium gives him such an edge that I don’t think even Moraine would be able to catch him.

  • Freelancer

    Moiraine’s ring wouldn’t be a problem for her. Kelsier was not able to influence metal which was already in contact with a person. Only the one with Preservation’s aid could manage that, and only when not being influenced by Ruin.

    But the main point here is, this isn’t one of the write-ups where you can complain about a mischaracterization of one of the combatants by somebody who hasn’t properly read the source material. We’re talking about the one who knows Kelsier better than he knows himself.

    No, Moiraine’s angreal is not metal, it has the appearance of ivory.

    Lastly, the concept of a death-match vaporizes any worry about the Third Oath. Once real combat is considered to have begun, she is defending herself. Kelsier knows this, and keeps the contact cerebral until he attempts to take liberties.

  • Darkmaman

    In the 1st book when vin fights with godking she was able to pull his rings but the godking just stronger off the pulls with his supier allomency. Also throughout the whole 1st.book there’s refrences that metal rings can be manipulated for allomency and the godking was the only person brave enough to wear metal Hewlett.

  • kampamba

    the ring wud definately be a problem, the metal has to actually pierce the flesh to be immune to a mistborns influence…and is an air shield really tht invulnerable? a mistborn with a gud anchor cn push metal with alot more force than wat most aes sedai hav faced… am not sure i remember correctly bt is atium really restricted to an
    opponents visible actions? maybe it wud show him the weaves or atleast the effects they wud have n giv im the mental capacity to avoid them…i thnk am going with kelsier, he shud be able to avoid her attacks wit attium n bendalloy

  • David

    While I’m voting for Kelsier, I wouldn’t be surprised or upset if Moiraine wins. She really is more powerful. My reasoning for an upset would be that Kelsier is still a significant opponent. He is also unscrupulous and clever.

  • Natasa

    “Spoilers” LOL! Was that a tiny reference to River Song Doctor Who? 🙂

  • Chris

    A wall of air is stronger than steel, so no, a mistborn is not capable of pushing anything through one (or, directly at least, breaking out of it).

    In a fair fight, Moiraine has the advantage due to the sheer versatility of the one power. While Kelsier would no doubt try to mess with her emotions, that wouldn’t change a thing (and she is capable of warding them too), the One Power does not slip away because you get angry, or feel any emotions, or lack thereof, unless the channeler has a block, which Moiraine does not.

    Atium, while powerful, has it’s own disadvantages, Kelsier, for all his ability, even with atium wouldn’t be able to react to Moiraine in time, because atium shows a shadow image of activity… but the one power has no visible appearance until the weaves are complete and even then many aren’t visible or take place instantly, it would block most direct attacks, but you can’t dodge lightning, etc.

  • kampamba

    atium shows wat is intended, so i thnk he wud hav ample warning of any attack..er..y exactly cnt lightning be dodged?

  • av willis

    are bendalloy and cadmium even in play? It seems like a bit of a contradiction to have them and atium at play at the same time. Yes i get this is supposed to be a level playing field outside the canon of the book but still it just seems like having your cake and eating it too

  • Chris

    Have you ever tried to dodge something that moves many times faster than the speed of sound, with barely a seconds warning, kampamba, even with pewter or pushing/pulling is is unlikely he could dodge lightning, especially since it doesn’t have a set destination.

    And yes, I am well aware of how atium works, atium shows intentions, by reading the person. It cannot say anything about weaves because they aren’t real until completed, at which point the atium will work, but that is unlikely to be enough, due to the sheer scale of the destruction that the One Power is capable of.

  • Morsk

    I’m not sure emotional allomancy would keep a woman from accessing the True Source. Women need to surrender to use the Power, and men need to be logical, and some emotions can make either of those harder, but they don’t make them impossible. Rand ignores emotions all the time while channeling; he keeps them “outside” his special channeling mind set. Moiraine should be able to do it too, especially Aes Sedai are *trained* to channel under extreme stress and distraction.

    If it worked though, it’s all Kelsier would have to do.

  • Phil

    I don’t get why everyone assumes this is going to be a fair fight. Moraine most likely wins in a straight-up fight, but Kelsier wouldn’t fight fair. He’s a thief and an assassin for goodness sake. Knowing him (because he thoroughly researchers and plans out his opponents) he would probably begin by simply trying to steal Moraines angreal during the dead of night.

    Break big things down into small pieces. 1. Steal angreal. If that fails then lead Moraine into a trap. The wall of air can stop coins Moraine sees coming, but it also gives Kel an excellent base from which to use a duralium enhanced burn. In theory (if the wall of air can hold any weight), Kel could pull several thousands pounds of metal towards himself after the wall blocks the coins.

    This battle comes down to how many tricks and traps can Kel pull out before Moraine can for him to fight her straight up. And can Moraine survive them all and force Kel into a straight up fight. I say no.

    Though I am slightly biased, Kel must have been burning pewter to have the endurance to make it to book 10. I quit around book 4 and have never considered going back. WoT is one of the most overrated fantasy series in existence (along with the sword of thruth) in my opinion, so I’d be voting Kel no matter what (after all the cage match is supposed to be more about character popularity then powers anyway).

  • david

    @sacred honor
    i doubt you will see this as there like 40 posts between us but, i wasnt saying the write up is wrong im saying how he wrote it is in a way that its obvious kelsier will not die so for whatever reason (my examples were just some ideas on how she stayed within the three oaths). im using a reference in the third book where Egwene makes a comment that asking anyone to form a weave to use on a ship would not be possible because since people may die from the result of the weave indirectly IE drowning in the water… (the actual example used in the book) in the same way moraine could not form a weave to use on kelsier if the result could be his death (even if indirectly) so no tying him up with wind and having a warder slice there throat wouldnt work unless the Aes Sedai had no foreknowledge that the warder was going to do it, but on that note it would be near impossible because the warders bond would let the aes sedai know what he was going to do before it was done.
    now the example your talking about is actually the opposite of what you thought the book says. It says people think Aes sedai could do that and they never denied the possibility not that they can do it and i believe the reference is in the 7th or 8th book.
    sorry my comments should of said @everyone except sanderson….

  • david

    correction to what i said i meant 10th book during the siege of tar valon not third… which i have no reason as to why i said third and not tenth =P

  • Hevensarmada

    WoT and Mistborn are my two favorite series so this match is hard for me to vote on. Kelsier is a total bad-ass though, and this is post Tower of Ghenji Moiraine so she’s weaker than she used to be. Granted she does have her new Angreal.

    I don’t know, I think that Kelsier would win in a fight though. His ruthlessness combined with Moiraine’s weakened strenght in the one power makes me think so.

    Awesome right up though Brandon, sad I couldn’t make it to SLC Geek Show.

  • Not Telling

    No idea who would in this, but I voted Kelsier because I like his character more. For all the people claiming Atium only shows people, it shows movements of all objects around them, and boosts thier reaction time to near-instant. Thus, he can dodge lightning. I also belive hardened air CAN be breached, it’s simply very difficult. Lastly, the metal must be embedded in someones skin to be uneffected by Allomancy, with the exception of a very powerful Allomancer, as shown when Vin fights Rashek.

    That being said, both have ways to combat the opponents abilities, and this would be a close match. Whoever wins, though, will be killed by Rake. Pitting either one against Rake is like pitting the against Rand, as they are roughly equal in terms of power.

  • Ronan

    You can’t kill a man who’s already dead.

  • Chris

    @Not, the trouble is not reaction time, the trouble is the speed at which lightning moves. Even knowing the bullet is coming an instant is not enough time to fully get out of its way, and unlike a bullet, even being glazed by lightning can have… dire effects.

    I’m not claiming Atium only shows people, rather I’m claiming that it can’t show weaves until the moment before they take effect, because before then they are purely of the One Power, and Kelsier couldn’t see that. (If he could, I would bet the atium would let him see what they were weaving before they finished).

    Moiraine would simply take everything metal off before the fight began, she doesn’t carry much, and as mentioned Her angreal does not appear to be metal (though, no ter’angreal/angreal/sa’angreal is really any mundane substance at all, I’m not even sure if metallic ones count as metal).

    In a battle of wits, Moiraine is very clever herself, she has had to be, so they are likely about even. As such, I think Moiraine will win simply because the One Power is too much more versatile than allomancy.

  • Tye

    Kelsier would not be able to see the weaves. He would however, be able to see the effects of the weaves slightly in advance.

    But I was thinking about atium and balefire. Since the weave for balefire is visible to anyone, atium should allow Kelsier to see its path ahead of time. However, atium shows physical things in the future, but balefire removes things from the past. Since balefire works backwards, and Moiraine is far from weak, I don’t know how much of it the atium would be able to pick up. You know?

  • Steve Watson

    I could see this going one of two ways, both favoring Kelsier:

    1. Kelsier’s got a lot more going for him than just his steelpushing and ironpulling. While those are his specialty, consider the power of Zinc to flare emotions versus the calm necessary to channel. A solid (perhaps duralumin-fuled) blast of Zinc could easily scramble Moiraine’s emotions sufficiently to delay her channeling long enough for him to Push something sharp through delicate areas of her body. This seems a little too direct for this setup, though, so consider the following:

    2. Misdirection is a favorite weapon of both Kelsier and Brandon Sanderson. Consider the following sketch: Kelsier has set up a series of booby traps. Moiraine is seeking her foe and is suddenly assailed by a frontal assault of thousands of bits of sharp (Pushed or Pulled) metal. As she weaves a defense against them, a massive metal column begins to fall on her from above. A series of such traps assaults her, each of which she is quite capable of dealing with but which distract her from the real threat until she feels the metal collar of an a’dam – carefully Pushed into position and Pulled shut – snap around her neck. Kelsier, being the cunning charmer he is, could doubtless convince (perhaps with a little help from some brass) one of Moiraine’s enemies to wear the bracelet.
    Of course, Brandon loves surprise endings. Perhaps the recruited enemy then uses the combination of their power and Moiraine’s to destroy Kelsier, making Moiraine technically the winner of a fight to the death but now a slave.

  • Steve Watson

    For those who say that the need for tranquility only applies to Nynaeve’s block (thus nullifying the effectiveness of emotional Rioting), consider the conversation between Rand and Egwene (I don’t remember which book, it’s been too long) regarding how each accesses the Source. Egwene speaks of needing to let go and surrender herself to the Source, which is the real psychological root of Nynaeve’s block. Emotional control and discipline are essential to White Tower training. I think there’s plenty of evidence to support the theory that emotional control is vital for tapping into Saidar. Those who reference Rand’s emotional state while channeling need to remember that same conversation betweeen Rand and Egwene: Saidar and Saidin have different rules and what applies for one does not always apply for the other.

  • Metacognition

    Tye: you’re thinking about the OUTCOME of balefire, not it’s action itself. The beam still has to hit and in that right, Atium would allow him to get out of the way.
    As Chris said above you, it shows what is going to happen (and gives you the ability to move out of the way beforehand). There have been plenty on instances in the Mistborn books where coins where shot at bullet speed and dodged by atium, so I don’t see how balefire would be any faster, let alone a lightning bolt (remember, Kelsier wouldn’t be carrying metal to conduct lightning and any weave Moraine shoots is targeted).
    It doesn’t matter if Kelsier can see the weaves. With atium, he can see the effect of the weaves and react to it before it happens.
    And this is all discounting the fact that Kelsier doesn’t come into the fight without knowledge of his opponent. Moraine is narrow-minded in comparison to Kelsier. He’s used to staking out his \target\ and covering all possibilities. On the other hand, Moraine is focused on her goal… the last battle. True, she’s clever and intelligent, but her focus makes her a target. Kelsier knows how to break down a task and make it work.
    And to all those claiming that rioting/calming emotions wouldn’t work: I don’t think anyone has claimed it’d work AFTER the true source was embraced. If that happens, well, the fight becomes much more interesting, but the calm needed to surrender to saiden in the first place CAN be disrupted.

    My final thoughts?
    Kelsier would win… as long as he doesn’t let Moraine embrace the source. Once that happens, it’s anyone’s game and likely Kelsier would run out of atium before Moraine runs out of ability to wield the true source.
    Not saying Kelsier couldn’t still win, it’s just that the battle becomes so much harder at that point that it’d be similar to Kylar and Cale’s battle.

  • kampamba

    grrr! come back a few hours later n find o ma work done for me, do luv a gud discussion

  • Taran

    What I don’t understand is why people think you can move faster than the speed of light. Check out theory of relativity.
    This goes for both lightning and balefire.
    No way you can dodge them unless you are not were they are fired.

  • Malina

    I don’t think rioting Moraine’s emotions would be a problem. If you remember back to Breeze talking about manipulating emotions, you have to use what is already there is amplify it. If an emotion feels phony it is less likely to work. That being said, if Moraine can hold her cool when being chased by hordes of trollocs, darkhounds, forsaken, etc…how do you think Kelsier could upset her enough to not embrace the source? She’s had YEARS of practice embracing saidar in more chaotic situations than a cage match. Not to mention Kelsier is by no means an excellent soother or rioter.

    As for atium, he won’t be able to see air binding him…he would need electrum for that I think since it would be an action which only showed himself. Moraine could also blow up the ground under him in a large enough radius that he couldn’t dodge it. He could try, but if it was a big enough explosion it wouldn’t matter. It’s like a person who see’s a bomb that is going to explode in 10 seconds. You may know it’s going to happen, but that doesn’t mean you can get away fast enough. Additionally, you can also hit someone with air and have the same effect as many other physical attacks, except the weapon would be invisible and so Kelsier would not be able to see it. Honestly, I can’t see him bringing electrum to any fight.

    However, BS is amazing, both characters are awesome… and although I am voting for Moraine (just because I don’t see how he can beat her) I won’t be upset if Kelsier wins. 🙂

  • Metacognition

    Well, Malina, you won’t have to worry about Kelsier winning, as it’s a pretty foregone conclusion at this point, but I’ll still argue the point for argument’s sake.
    Breeze was talking about manipulating people’s emotions without them detecting the soother/rioter. Remember when Vin cancelled out ALL emotion on El’s father? True, that was with Durilium, but my point is that a flare of rioting or soothing before Moraine actually embraces the true source could keep her from establishing the calm she needs to do so.
    The other point I’d like to make is about your down play of Atuim. Everyone seems to be saying that it only gives super human reflexes. That’s not true. That’s only a part of what it does (albeit the flashiest part). It literally lets you see what WILL happen and gives you the mental and physical capacity to deal with it.
    So, take for example, your weaves of air that would be technically invisible. Kelsier would be able to see his OWN shadow stopped by something not there before running into it and have the time to move out of the way. There were many times in the books where attacks that couldn’t have been seen were dodged (for example, attacks from behind) because of atuim.
    Blowing up an area is also unlikely to work because of similar reasons as why balefire would be ineffective: the ability to see it coming gives him time to drop a coin or what not to get out of the way before the ground is actually erupting or the the beam hits.
    And as I’ve stated before, all this is only relevant if Kelsier lets it get to that point in the first place. He’d likely attempt to remove the threat ahead of time, as he is a master thief.

    Taren: Read the Mistborn books (again, if you already have). You’ve answered your own question. With Atuim, they’re NOT there by the time it hits.

  • Slash

    Great write up by Sanderson.
    Major fan of both series but Moraine wins easily. The simplest methods are often the most effective and this battle wouldn’t take more than a few flows of air.
    Moraine simply weaves a large box of air that surrounds her opponent (she can do it to protect herself why not trap them) then has the weave slowly get smaller. Hard for Kelsier to escape a wide thrown net that just shrinks until your immobilized and nothing you can do to stop it. Once he is captured and cannot move Moraine can kill him as she wishes.

    An important point most people seem to forget the three oaths stop you from killing with the power not from killing with say your opponents knife. As such there is no issue of if she can kill its just a matter of not using the power to kill.

  • Farmer Monkey

    This one would all come down to the parameters. How much atium does Kelsier have? Do the oaths apply? Is stealth a factor, or are both contestants already aware of each other? Is each aware of the other’s capabilities? Etc, etc, etc. They’re both just fleshy mortals that can channel devastating power…the first one hit with a one-hit-kill loses.

    Too bad, the way the votes are going, IMO. Kelsier makes for more interesting write-ups. He has so much more personality than Moraine, and the magic system is more interesting.

  • Chris

    Meh, whoever wins is going against Rake, and neither could hope to win that fight.

  • dry009

    Yeah… we probably should have voted for Kelsier just so we could see Rake v. Atium madness. Kelsier probably was the only character in the bracket who would have had an amazing fight against Rake.

  • Chris

    For as long as the aitum lasted. But he would never be able to land a blow against Rake, the guy is just insane.

  • Chandran

    For those of you arguing that atium would let you avoid attacks with the one power…. How would it allow you to dodge something like compulsion? Or a weave that draws all the heat out of a general area?
    Or heck, just look at this scenario. Moiraine creates a cage of air so wide that it has no effect on Kelsier (or anything else). Atium gives a few seconds warning, but once the cage is already there, all Moiraine needs to do is constrict it, and Kelsier has no way to get out. Atium does have it’s limits, and in the end the One Power is just so much more versatile. And heck, all moiraine has to do is weave a shield of air around her and Kelsier can’t touch her.

  • Carcionios

    it’s true that Atium is of limited use but to claim that Atium is Kelsier’s only trick is the equivilent of saying that Moiraine is incapable of channeling unless she is using balefire. No one metal would win the fight for Kelsier but consider this. Soothing Moiraine so she does not feel in danger prevents her from using the one power as a weapon. pushing and pulling could rob most of her metal angreals if she had them on her. Plus Kelsier is an assassin first and foremost so unless he bungled badly he would hit Moiraine before she could raise a shield. Aes Sedai can be taken by surprise otherwise the Seanchan would never get anywhere. Plus Petwer gives Kelsier the edge in any prolonged fight as Channeling is very draining. That said Moiraine has a lot more power at her disposal so in an open fight she would win every time. In this battle it comes down to where they are and how prepared they are which ultimately means; who do you like more? For me it was too close to call so I followed Brandon Sanderson and went for Kelsier

  • JTP

    I would have liked to have seen the interaction of Atium and balefire. Can you see the future of something that occurs before you use it?

  • Ryan

    An air shield by Moiraine to protect herself only works if she doesn’t do it before she gets rid of all her metal. Kelsier could pull a gold coin off her being and push and pull it to his desire. It would conveniently stay in her “protective” little air shield. Likewise, even if he is wrapped in air doesn’t mean he can’t manipulate that same gold coin.

    Being a Sanderson fan (I started WOT because he was finishing it, and I have completely enjoyed it), I really would have liked to see a battle. I enjoyed this write-up, but a full on battle would have been so much more exciting. But being busy like he is, I understand.

    Also, he basically said on twitter/facebook that he was going to flip a coin, and then write something up that would make it seem logical. It would be hard to decide which one to kill if you’re responsible for both of them.

  • Jade

    Disappointed that Kelsier did not win. That is all.

  • Jayelle

    okay, this match did it. I’m officially going to read this two series when I next have the time to. Seeing an author write up a match for two of his own (well, I know Moraine isn’t exactly Sanderson’s) is simply hilarious

  • Lita

    That was a fun read – And we all know Moraine would win – No one but perhaps Thom is as good at the great game as Moraine. Kelsier just played at it for a very short time before dying. Mind you, if he spent a couple lifetimes learning in the white tower, that might be different!

  • freaker


    Yeah, it is disappointing. But like I said, *clears throat* next years cage match? Marsh? Survivor’s own big brother?

  • boralai

    That was amazing! Thank you Mr. Sanderson from the write up. It’s always nice to get a little taste of Kelsier, his dialogue is always awesome. That little hint at the beginning there has me both intrigued and hopeful. Surprised more people aren’t commenting on it.

  • braendyn

    Not to be a critic (which inevitably leads to being just that) But, C’mon. Really? Really?

    Being ironically self referencial is one thing but…I sought this out because I thought it’d be good and we’d see a real stack up of Allomancy vs. Saidar. Could have been cool.

    Also, why all the self generated ego stroking? I like Sanderson’s works very much and what he’s doing in WoT is laudible but not a patch on the original.

    This was cute. Which is what something is called when it fails to be art.