A Few Questions for Tom Brown about ‘Hopeless, Maine’


Personal Demons coverThe resident witch on a cursed, windswept island finds what appears to be an orphan lurking in a Gothic manor. On an island nearly overrun with orphans – and monsters – this isn’t all that unusual, but something about Salamandra seems…different. Thus begins Hopeless, Maine: Personal Demons, a graphic novel created by husband and wife team Tom and Nimue Brown. I managed to grab Tom for a few minutes to answer some very brief questions about this fascinating story.

Why is the island named Hopeless?

Hopeless, is a rather gothic island, windswept and mist drenched. Home to strange creatures, and even stranger humans, it isn’t the kind of location most people would voluntarily visit. Which is probably as well, because between the tides, the wind and the malevolence, getting out again is singularly difficult.

What kinds of people…and things…would choose to live here?

Once there were monks here, and their ruined buildings are still visible. Once there was a thriving oil industry, but the entities they were rendering down are extinct now. When the light is right, the ghosts are visible, and sometimes, there are demons.

Salamandra, one of the main characters, grew up on Hopeless, right?

It’s not the happiest place in the world to grow up. Especially not if you’ve already had issues with psychotic parents. A little bit of magic might make life easier, but it will also make people fear you.

I assume that there’s more to Salamandra’s story than what meets the eyes.

Salamandra may not even be an orphan, but she rather hopes she is. The alternative, would be far worse.

Look for Hopeless, Maine: Personal Demons in print on June 12, 2012, or buy it now in a digital format via ComiXology.