Cage Match 2012: Championship–Recap!



And that’s the end of that chapter, folks!

After a very spirited and, I must say, fun Cage Match, you all have chosen a champion:

Moiraine Damodred (who also happens to be our first female champion.

I won’t lie–I’m not quite surprised by this win for Moiraine. To begin with, she was a number one seed. Granted, she was the number one seed in probably the toughest division this year, with Kelsier, Kellhus, and Tyrion Lannister strong challengers to come out of Starfleet. But we saw her as one of the most likely characters to make it through, and (to be fair) some help from Ray Lilly and Jardir (who took out some higher-ranked characters so that Moiraine didn’t have to face them), she pulled through.

Not that it probably mattered (that is, that Moiraine couldn’t have taken care of Havemercy, for example). Because, let’s be honest: Moiraine had more power than just the One Power. She had all the Wheel of Time readers behind her.

And that’s not a bad thing.

It is, in fact, one of the reasons we put her as a number one.

It’s also a reason not to take anything away from Moiraine. In an actual, in-an-arena, Cage Match to the death where each character’s magic system works perfectly, does she beat Anomander Rake? Does she beat Sparhawk? Does she beat Granny Weatherwax or Kellhus or Atticus O’Sullivan?

Who knows.


I have no doubt she would have been in every one of those fights, and probably would have taken the victory in many of them.

To me–and to us at Unbound Worlds–that’s what is so fun about Cage Match. It’s the big “What if…?” that, as readers, always inspires us to tell stories, form allegiances, and read more. It sparks the imagination, and–hopefully–exposes us all to new ideas (in this case, new authors, characters, and books).

We want to give a big thanks to all the authors whose characters were featured in Cage Match 2012, and a very special thanks to those who contributed: Peter Brett, Brent Weeks, Stacia Kane, Harry Connolly, Brandon Sanderson, Matt Stover, Elizabeth Moon, Ari Marmell, Paul Kemp, Lev Grossman, Lia Habel, Ted Kosmatka, and David J. Williams.

We’d also like to thank all those who helped contribute write-ups: Aidan Moher, Nancy Lambert, Jay Franco, Ndi Sampson, Steven Boriack, Greg Kubie, Michelle Forde, Rhea Lyons, and Forrest Karbowski.

And finally, we’d like to thank all of you. You guys make Cage Match happen. You help spread the word, you help debate our character selection, you keep the discussions going, and obviously you vote.

We’re so glad you seem to enjoy this so much, and obviously we’re always looking for ways to improve (which means let us know what you think in the comments!).

Once again, congratulations to Moiraine, the Cage Match 2012 champion!

See you next year!


  • bartios

    wait, he said nothing about the actual finale…

  • JOE

    Well, I honestly didn’t expect her to win, despite the fact that I entered this world of Suvudu only because she and Kelsier were here. (Well, Gimli too, but he died so quickly it didn’t really matter) I now have the Night Angel Trilogy on my MUST READ list, and I was sincerely entertained. And inspired. If I had a bunch of free time, I would want to do something similar to this.
    Thank you, Suvudu!

  • Ligaia

    Sparhawk got a bad beat. 🙁

    I’d like to see next year:

    Belgarath or Belgarion
    Darth Bane
    Durzo Blint or Gavin Guile
    If a WoT character must be included, I vote for Mat, for sheer entertainment value
    Durendal from the King’s Blades series
    And that’s all I can think of right now.

  • Not Telling

    I would say either a weak, unpopular WoT character or none at all. It would even out the playing field for other series, and, well, a WoT character just won this year. Hey, that can be a new rule! Whem one series has a winning character, they aren’t in the next year. That would apply to every series that wins, and is only one year, so I think it’s reasonable.

  • Metacognition

    Please not Mat! If they put Mat in, it’s a foregone conclusion that he’d win! His luck is so undefined, most people would give him the win off of that alone. Then add in the Taveren bit and the fact that he’s an incredibly popular character within a very popular series and I don’t care who they put him up against, he’d win.
    I like Not Telling’s idea of taking a series that wins out for the next year’s contest (though I’m not sure why we only do one of these a year, but that’s just me). It would mean that we’d need to add in new series more often. Since the idea behind these is to introduce more people to a new series, constantly using the same series over and over again is just taking up slots for other series.

  • Shadow’sBane

    …that wasn’t particularly enlightening…

    but i have an suggestion for next year’s cage match….Tag Teams…characters from different series teams of two..
    Highest Seed + Lowest Seed as teams
    Second Highest + Second Lowest as teams
    and so on.
    that would solve the problem of popularity…

    i would like to suggest some characters from various series…

    01.Wheel Of Time — Matrim Couthan (its About Bloody Time).

    02.Codex Of Alera — Araris Valerian

    03.Dresden Files — Micheal Carpenter/Sanya/Kincaid

    04.Gentlemen Bastards — Locke(Yes Again)

    05.Harry Potter — Madeye Moody

    06.KingKiller Chronicles — Kvothe(Kvothe the Arcane(only as an arcanist and Lathanian))

    07.MistBorn — Ham/Breeze.

    08.Bartimeaus Trilogy — Bartimaeus!

    09.Lord of the Rings — LEGOLAS!!!!

    10.a Song of Ice and Fire — Beauty of House Tarth(Brienne Tarth)

    11.Temeraire Saga — Willian Laurence + Temeraire(as it should be)

    12.Inheritance Cycle — Roran StrongHammer

    13.Sword of Truth — Chase(from book 1)/ Morth Sith ?

    14.Narnia — Prince Caspian(book 3)

    15.Dark Tower — Roland Deschain

    16.InkWorld — Dust finger/Bastas

    17.His Dark Materials — Will with the Subtle Knife.

    18. the Wheel of Time — Lan.

  • Yakman

    Uh that didn’t tell us very much. And made no mention of the runner-up either.

    Anyway, it was a decent run this year. The comments are always infinitely more entertaining than the actual tournament progression. And I agree with careful choice of WoT characters if the series is to be included in the future.

  • Shade

    Sorry, can’t… stop… laughing! Phew! Okay, think I’ve got it under control.
    @Shadow’s Bane: You DO realize that if they were insane enough to follow your set up (which I can hopefully say they won’t), that you put the top seed AND the bottom seed from WoT? So not only are you wanting to have TWO WoT characters, but you’d place them together?

    I’m sure that was likely a mistake, but I couldn’t help but poke some fun at you for it. 😉 I do think Lan wouldn’t be a bad choice for WoT characters if they went that route, but I agree with Meta and Not Telling, the idea of giving a series a year off doesn’t sound too bad to me.
    That’s the other part of your list I just don’t like: to many repeats from the last few contests. Mistborn, Sword of Truth, Harry Potter, etc. They’ve all already been done! That’s like saying that there’s no more series worth reading and I just don’t believe that.

  • Rose

    My suggestions for next year, less well-known but incredibly awesome series first:

    1) From Tide Lords Tetrology, Cayal the Immortal Prince. Or any of the tide lords, esp. Lukys, but Cayal is main character. Advantages: is truly immortal: you cut off his head, he grows another one and causes a global cataclysm while he’s at it, very wily (been around for thousands of years), weilds unlimited elemental magic. Disadvantages: Cayal wants to find a way to die, has a fondness for women, and of course everyone in the entire world would like to kill him if they could only figure out how.
    These books are really well written and the author is just awesome in general.
    And I really, really, really, REALLY want to see this character in Cage Match. [Cayal vs. Ungoliant: Ungoliant falls to her meal. Cayal screams in agony, but his arm regenerates as fast as the giant spider can devour it. Eventually, she can eat no more and bursts. Cayal says, “Aw schucks,” and heads out to the next match.]

    2) From Twilight Reign, Isak Stormcaller. This is the slightly dull born-warrior sort of character custom made for cage match. But I list him because he’s the main character in a series that I think puts some interesting new twists on the fantasy genre. A better character might be the visible opponent that all the readers love Kastan Styrax, or maybe Count Vesna, who starts out as a lady’s man, then becomes the mortal-aspect of the god of war.

    3) From the Two Pricesses of Bamarre, Princess Adelina, the coward who went out questing to save her sister from the grey death. She escaped the dragon and battled trolls, and is just a totally awesome strong female character.

    4) From the Legend of Eli Monpress, the Lord of Storms. A side character, but popular and cool because he’s the spirit of a hurricane in human form, commissioned by the Lady to battle demons. He’s ruthless, an excellent fighter, and difficult to kill since (let’s face it) he’s not flesh-and-blood but thunder-and-lightning. And there’s a great picture of him on deviantart. Eli Monpress, the main character, would also work. He’s the greatest thief in the world.

    5) From Nightwatch, Anton Gorodetsky. This is a Russian fantasy novel, set in the present. Anton is a reasonable powerful magician in the nightwatch (light ones who keep the dark ones in check; daywatch is dark ones keeping the light ones in check). He fights vampires and dark magic and is a depressed Russian.

    6) From Wizard Heir, Seph McCauley. Extremely powerful young wizard, blah, blah, blah, but what makes him an interesting character is the fact that he survived a year of extreme mental verging on physical torture at the Havens, the boarding school from Hell. SPOILERS: the principal Leicester wanted Seph to blood-link with him so he could control Seph’s power. Seph refused, so Leicester sent him hallucinations and nightmares for months on end, gradually driving him to the edge of true insanity. Example of how horrible Leicester is: in a similar situation, the character Jason was able to convince his non-magical dad to ask investigate the Havens legally. Leicester called Jason into his office one day, told him his dad was going to suddenly die of a heart attack at two that afternoon, and then made him sit there and wait for the call. When Seph meets Jason, Jason is a full-time prisoner in the basement of the alumni dorm. END SPOILERS

    7) From Dawn Cook’s Truth books, Talo-Toecan, an 800 year old magician who can transform into a dragon. He’s a lovable character, and sneaky. Alternatively, the antagonist in the first two books, Bailic, is a wizard who instead of transforming into dragons seems to specialize in tricking and killing them.

    8) From Abhorsen by Garth Nix, Hedge, the evil necromancer with wicked powers. At one point, when Lirael flees his Dead army, the zombies are impeded by running water. Hedge steps into the stream, and he’s so hot, the stream boils away.

    9) From the Second Sons Trilogy, Misha Latanya. He’s not a second son. That would be Khirshov. But, he is the rejected son because he’s a cripple, and his father is a man of action. So disadvantages: a crippled, unwanted prince that’s been systematically poisoned with opium most of his life. Advantages: has apparently infinite will-power. He painstakingly threw off his lifelong addiction to opium and came back to become king. And he’s good at being king: almost a better politician than his main-character cousin (who managed to become the equivalent of the medieval pope at age 19). Can be ruthless.
    He’s the wonderful side-character that has no chances because he’s in the bad guys’ way, but you just have to root for him.

    10) From The Olympians, Percy or Kronos. Percy is the demigod son of Poisidon, Kronos is his evil grandfather the Titan king.

    And now for some staple Cage Match series. These are all “if you must”s:

    From Tolkien, SILMARILLION–he wrote more than LotR, you know, Glaurung! Not a main character, but totally awesome. Morgoth has a bad habit of creating monsters that he finds terrifying. Glaurung, father of all dragons, is one of them. He’s big enough to lie in a valley and set his head on top of the hill. He has hypnotic powers and is completely evil. The only way to kill him pretty much is to trick him into lying down in the right position on your raised sword, but of course you’ll die soon afterwards covered in acidic dragon blood.

    From Kingkiller Chronicles: the fake version of the Chronicler that Kvothe makes up in The Wise Man’s Fear. Unlike all the actual characters, we know all there is to know about the fake Chronicler, with his magical ink and paper sword that cuts through anything (or something like that). He’s a really powerful character when you stop and think about it.
    Cage Match shouldn’t choose any more unfinished characters from Rothfuss, you really shouldn’t.

    From Terry Pratchett, Cohen the Barbarian. He’s a ninety year old savage who always gets what he wants. And he’s funny.

    From Douglas Adams, Marvin, the manically depressed robot with a brain the size of a planet.

    From Eragon, Galbatorix, because he isn’t as annoying as most of the main characters. Or possibly Durza, though he’s a little lame.

    From Twilight, Jacob so he can be instantly crushed in the first round.

    From WoT, Mat would be preferable to anyone wielding the One Power, but you shouldn’t do WoT again for a very long time. Really.

    And from ASoIaF…do we have to? But if you must Danaerys.

  • WoT4Ever

    Hey, don’t everyone start hatin on WoT just because we don’t lose. In any competition, the cream always rises to the top. If you can’t get a balanced tourney with WoT characters always winning, then have a tourney with only WoT characters! Problem solved.

  • The Riddler

    I have to agree with Metacog on the subject of Mat much as I love Mat
    also Not Telling’s idea is quite good
    and on the subject of next year i would recomend:

    Gavin Guile from Brent Weeks’ Lightbringer trilogy
    Max McDaniels from Henry H. Neffs The Tapestry series (even though it is written for a slightly younger audience than many of these books it is still quite good and I think Max would do alright)
    Annalise from Harry Connoly’s Twenty Palaces
    thats all I got

  • A Bibliophile

    @WoT4Ever Wow, you really don’t know when to give up, do you? Okay, so you’re favorite book series had a charachter who won a popularity vote, and you’re going to boast that to the world because you think your book series is so superior? Do you even realize that there ARE other books out there? And that some of us actually LIKE those books? Some of us even like those books MORE that the Wheel of Time. I’m not bashing on Wheel of Time, it’s a great book series, and maybe one of the best, but you are not accepting the fact that there are other opinions out there, and different personalities which you are not willing to notice. Not everyone fits under the large umbrella of WoT fandom. Some people don’t even like Wheel of Time. The point is, you have to learn to accept people and ALL of their different opinions. Nobody has to be exactly like you. Most people prefer to be their own person. You had a winning characheter. Great! Be happy. But don’t go tout it to the world like you are the one that made it happen and that the WoT is the only series deserving to be in the Svudu Cage Match. People enjoy this every year, and don’t want to be disturbed by fanboys like you proclaiming the lone greatness of a single series. Every book deserves mention in the Cage Match, because anything can happen in a book. That is personally why I come here. To observe everything that can happen. I don’t come here with a single minded outcome, doing anything in my power to get my favorite character to lose. If they lose, let it be. Maybe the other person was better, maybe not. The heart of the matter is that this whole thing is for FUN! I plan on reading a few different book series out of this whole game. Don’t destroy something fun by saying that only your book series deserves any credit in the world.

    Thank You,
    A Bibliophile

  • Sir Read-a-Lot

    Who would I like to see in the tournament?

    Mykkael, from Janny Wurts’s To Ride Hell’s Chasm. It’s a standalone, so it probably doesn’t have the fanbase to support Mykkael’s awesomeness, but let me put it this way: (SPOILERS) in one scene Mykkael shoots a fire-breathing gryffin with a tranquilizer – while attached by a rope to the dead horse the gryffin is carrying. While suspended over the titular chasm.

    Isyllt, from Amanda Downum’s Necromancer Chronicles. She’s a necromancer (duh), but when things are dire, she can also call on the power of entropy (entropomancy).

    F’lar and Mnementh from Anne McCaffery’s Dragonriders of Pern series. Mnementh is a dragon, but Pernese dragons are special in that they can teleport – both through space and time.

    Raviern, from Kelly McCullough’s Webmage series. He’s a descendant of the Fates and a Chaos power, who’s major skill is computer hacking. He can also turn into a large raven, and teleport through fairy rings at will, even if there wasn’t a fairy ring present before he created it.

    Vasher and Nightblood, from Brandon Sanderson’s Warbreaker. Vasher is an awakener (and more, but that’s spoilers), which means he can bring things to a semblance of life, and Nightblood is his intellegent sword, which seeks to “destroy evil” (the problem is that it’s a sword, so it doesn’t know what evil is).

    Alcatraz Smedry, from Brandon Sanderson’s Alcatraz series. He’s an Occulator, which means he can use lenses made from special types of glass to achieve various effects. Also, he has a magical talent for breaking things. Things meaning anything from doorknobs to chickens to space and time itself.

  • Leaken

    Adding to the thread of ‘people I’d like to see next year’:

    Szeth or Dalinar Kohlin from Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Way of Kings’ – we’ve had two quite similar characters (well, similar powered anyway) from Mistborn the last two years, and it would be nice to see some of Sanderson’s other work getting a view. Szeth having a shardblade (=sword that cuts through most inanimate objects) and surgebinding ability (=changing how gravity effects objects, including himself) is pretty awesome, and Dalinar is a great character (besides being a full shardbearer).

    Anyone from Ian Irvine’s Santhenar/Aachan/Tallallame books. I’d probably go with Xervish Flydd or Yggur – both fairly powerful mancers and with lots of character, plus the technology of that world (magic-powered battle machines etc.) would be quite fun.

  • Ligaia

    @Metacognition – You’re probably right that Mat would automatically win, but so would any WoT character, because of their massive fanbase. At least if Suvudu picks Mat it eliminates all the “balefire > all” talk. At least fights with Mat would be entertaining.

    @Not Telling – I second (or third, or whatever) this idea. This gives a chance for smaller fandoms to win.

  • Abyss

    I want an all-dragon Cage Match.

    Make it so.

  • Kvothe_the_Bloodless

    Who I’d like to see next year:

    -Darth Bane (Star Wars Darth Bane Trilogy)
    -Will/Halt (Ranger’s Apprentice)
    -Roran Stronghammer/Arya Drottningu/Galbatorix (Inheritence Cycle)
    -Bartamaeus (Bartimaeus Trilogy)
    -Legolas/Saruman/Boromir (Lord of the Rings)
    -Thorin Oakenshield/Beorn/Smaug (The Hobbit)
    -Number Four (Lorein Legacies)
    -Sandor Clegane the Hound/Lord Beric Dondarrion/Loras Tyrell the Knight of Flowers/Brienne of Tarth/Victarion Greyjoy (A Song of Ice and Fire)

    That’s all I’ve got for now, we’ll see if I think of any later.

  • Shadow’sBane

    what part of
    “but i have an suggestion for next year’s cage match….Tag Teams…characters from DIFFERENT SERIES teams of two..
    Highest Seed + Lowest Seed as teams
    Second Highest + Second Lowest as teams
    and so on.”
    did you not understand?

    and the characters below are not seeds….they are my suggestions for next matches…..i added Lan as an after thought

  • Shade

    @Shadow’s Bane: Did you miss the fact that I specifically said that I was sure that wasn’t your intention and that I was just poking fun at you? Chill man, it’ll be okay.

  • chosen

    The one time WOT was not involved in a cage match (villians matches), I have to say it was pretty boring, and it all came down to a popularity match anyways. Suvudu could leave them out, but IMO thats like making who ever wins the super bowl take next year off. Kind of lame IMO.

  • B. Reed

    @ Not Telling – If you wanted a weak WoT character, or an unpopular one, you are either going to have to go with Faile, or Fortuona. Most WoT fans find Faile incredibly annoying and would probably vote for the other guy just to see her get her face kicked in. She is a mundane, in that she cannot channel, but she is very good with knives. Fortuona is a bit of a mystery as far a fighting ability goes, but she has managed to kill off a few assassins of her own if my memory serves me correctly. She is very politically adept. When you are the daughter of the empress, you have to be.

    @ Ligaia – I Luvz Mat and his entertainment value! I would love to see a match with him in it.

    I am also a little confused as to why there are only one of these a year. Nine months in between the next match seems like a bit much, don’t you think? Is it because of all of the work that has to go into doing the write-ups?

    Someone above mentioned putting Micheal from the Dresden Files in. I surely hope you don’t mean the current Micheal…He is a bit out of commission. Out of the ones you proposed, I think either Sanya or Kincaid has a better chance. Or we could put Mouse in. That would be pretty awesome. Too bad we are still not terribly sure of the extent of his abilities yet. Everyone loves Mouse.

    I think it would be kind of interesting to put someone from Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series in. Vanyel? Kerowyn?

    In closing, I just want to say that Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy and the Malazan universe are on my list of things to read in the future. Thank you for introducing them to me!

  • theAKpal

    I also agree with the idea that the current winner’s series gets left out of the next cage match.

    @chosen, unlike football, part of the reason for having these cage matches is to introduce people to new series (as I understand it). Everyone knows WoT, so the only purpose it has in these matches is to bring traffic to the website. Up front, then, it makes sense to have a WoT character in the match. Unfortunately, as people like wot4ever have proven to us, the extremist WoT fan only comes here to vote for their series (and, let’s face it, most of the ones voting are extremist – a broad overgeneralization I know, but not necessarily inaccurate). They do not read the comments. They do not make rational decisions. They are not interested in any other books besides WoT. And, in their minds, no WoT character can do any wrong (when compared to other series).

    Bringing Mat in would be absolutely retarded, as there is no way the WoT fans would let him lose, even when he should. Sure, he’d be fun to write, but having him would make everything else about this not fun.

    The problem is people who vote with their hearts rather than their heads. Sadly, I can’t think of any way to prevent this. So, to take hearts out of the equation, you have to take series in which people are irrationally emotionally invested out of the competition. As such, no WoT and no aSoIaF. Harry Potter can stay because, despite their being fantastic novels, the demographic of voter in this competition wants to hate on it based on image. That is, for whatever reason (and, it’s a common problem with the hipster scifi/fantasy crowd), they are embarrassed to admit they like what are considered ‘kids’ novels. LoTR can also stay. It’s been proven that these fans don’t overwhelmingly vote for it strictly on emotion.

    In essence, though, you’ve got to create a balance between popular series and more obscure series. You need the popular to attract a crowd. But, you can’t use the absolute most popular because those fans lack common sense and aren’t going to be influenced into reading any new series anyways.

    That is, unless, the sole purpose of this competition is to increase site traffic to increase their ad revenue. In that case, don’t even bother with lesser known series.

  • CrazySage

    you assume that ‘WoT4ever’ and WoT fan…..IMO he is just trying to make us look really bad.

    lol…but seriously…popular series must be there..if you put in a series no one has read or majority of people havn’t read there is no fun in cage matches….
    and as for
    “That’s the other part of your list I just don’t like: to many repeats from the last few contests. Mistborn, Sword of Truth, Harry Potter, etc.”
    well its true….but i suggested characters from series that i have read….and most of them i was inspired to read after Cage Match 2010….so well…there are gonna be repeats.. 🙂

  • CrazySage

    i meant
    you assume WoT4Ever is a WoT fan….bloody typos

  • Shadow’sBane

    i suggested from the series that i have read…
    and I agree with CrazySage…Popular series are necessary.

  • freaker

    @Shadow’s Bane

    I’m not going to say anything important, (as usual) but I just thought Crazy Sage and Shadow’s Bane’s speech habits, e.g. the ‘…’ are so similar it’s funny. lol!

  • Shade

    @freaker: I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that! lol.
    Between that and how concerned Crazy was over the SAME points SB would be, well, I’m hesitant to claim one way or the other, but I’m leaning!
    @CrazySage: Question for you, how many new series have you picked up because of these matches? I’d assume at least one or two caught your interest. If not, I feel sorry for you.
    I’ve read through some of Pratchett’s Discworld series, but I haven’t come across Granny yet and I’m even more inclined to read more to make sure I meet her. Same for the Malazan books and now I want to reread the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy again.
    Just because you don’t already KNOW of a series or a book, it’s discounted? I’ll bet you’ve added a few to your own list based off what you’ve read of them as well.

    @Everyone else/too many to count: I get it, popular series pull others in, but what person only reads one series? It’s my thoughts that even with the over lap of people reading different series, we’d still hit series that some people know and they’ll likely be excited by such. To the point that they go to whatever fanbase they can and BRING NEW people to the site.
    Hitting the popular series makes sure numbers stay even, but without branching out, you’ll NEVER hit most of the smaller worlds worth reading and their fanbases. Not to mention that once you’ve read WoT, ASoIaF, Malazan, Tolkien, Harry Potter, SoT, Discworld, etc, there’s pretty much nothing left! True, that’s a hell of a list, but consider that you’re pulling ppl because they already read some, or at least one, of those and that the same ppl that read tolkien are likely the same ppl that would read 90% of the rest and you’re not presenting them with anything new, which, btw, is NOT to take away from any series I didn’t mention, just naming the big ones from my perceptive.
    I have my favorites, but I’m hoping that Suvudu knows more than just the basic series and, since they put this on, I expect them to know what they’re about.
    My vote is for more new series rather than repeats. It’s been 3 years, introduce fresh blood and then rest on it for awhile.
    Though, I’m with B. Reed, why are we holding these only once a year? I’d think any fans of less popular series would be willing to do write ups and lesser known authors would be even more willing than some of the top names, as they’re likely busy.
    At least 2X a year would be awesome!

  • Rose

    @Shade, definitely this would be better more than once. I would like to point out though that less famous authors are not necessarily less busy. They can still be involved in lots of stuff and be working on books. The biggest difference is the amount of fanmail they don’t have time to answer, methinks.

    I’d also like to bring up a suggestion made earlier in the contest that has long since been buried. WHat if next year’s bracket instead of being organized exactly like basketball with 1 seed fighting lowest of the low all the time, you instead had two separate rankings, one half of the bracket for the big names and one for the little guys that would most certainly die of obscurity in the first round? That way you can still have a lot of well-known characters but less whining about “Oh, the people who voted for X have probably never read [insert random obscure novel]! It’s not fair!” Plus, the smaller fandoms would have a chance to compete among themselves and possibly send a champion to the finals. And then the two halves of the bracket can be ranked accordingly. Just sayin’.

  • Fantasy Egghead

    I definitely second Cayal. Or basically any Jennifer Fallon character. 😀

  • Anthony Pero

    I think they are held once a year because they are held during the NCAA Tourney. March Madness and all. I think the Tag team Cage Match is a FANTASTIC idea.

  • Bruce

    Maybe they could do it like the difference between the NCAA Tourney and the NIT… They could have two tourneys a year, and one tourney would be for the powerhouses, and the other would be for the rest… that way there’s no Tyrion Lannister vs Anomander Rake matches.

  • Eric

    I would LOVE to see more characters from Steven Brust’s Dragaera series. I was bummed that Morrollan had to go up against Tyrion Lannister is the first round, because that’s a pretty tall order (pun intended). Both his abilities and fan base are very hard to overcome. It would have been great to see some Dragaera fighting and magic go up against someone in a more traditional combat scenario.

    I’d really like to see Sethra Lavode utterly destroy Richard Rahl (even though he was in the tourney this year…).

  • Chris

    I agree that you should have popular series involved, because it will create more involvement, which is always a good thing. Yyou don’t necessarily need all the most popular fanbases every time though. The Suvudu people aren’t stupid. They can clearly see who’s winning due to a rabid fanbase of people like WoT4Ever (whether he is or isn’t a true fan, his point is valid, many WoT fans say the same things he does, he’s just FAR less gracious about it), and who is winning due to a majority of people evaluating the competition and deciding accordingly. After some simple observations, they can just utilize characters from the former group that aren’t so overwhelming. This year, ASoIaF didn’t make it very far because they used Tyrion… I’m sure the same thing would hold true for the other series. The Suvudu people can certainly figure that out.

  • UnholyVendetta17

    Well, I’ll throw some suggestions out and you’re all free to agree or disagree. =)

    Durzo Blint (Night Angel Trilogy) – Durzo is more talented with magic (talent) and weapons then Kylar. However, without the kakari, he’s also much more vulnerable. He’s incredibly more talented as a fighter though… So, it makes him a more interesting character. And people can’t pull the “black kakari consumes your magic” card.

    Mat (WoT) – Yeah, yeah, yeah… WoT character… But come one… His luck thing? It’ll be funny as hell to read a write up of his!! I mean, no magical powers… No REAL desire to fight… Always trying to avoid fights… He wouldn’t go TOO far. And they’d be awesome to read!

    Also… I personally think Revan should have won it all. =(
    Oh well, my two suggestions. I’m out!

  • steakz

    Thing with having Mat from WoT in it is he would be basically be a repeat of Tyrion, although luckier and a bit more capable by himself. I never heard of WoT until Rand won the first one and have since read them all, got a few new series lined up from this years cage match so again its doing its job with me of introducing new series.

    The only comment I would make is maybe having a few more Sci-Fi characters as it is a Fantasy SF website and the cage match seems more heavily fantasy, maybe even a SF bracket and a Fantasy bracket with the winners facing off. A good example of someone who would do well IMO would be Jacob Valance from the Spinward Fringes series (SPOILERS BELOW PARAGRAPH), although I have just finished reading that series so still fresh in my head, and its a self published series the first book of which (Broadcast 0: Origins) available for free from Amazon for the Kindle. I’m sure however that others could come up with other suggestions from other Sf series.

    SPOILERS for Spinward Fringe
    Basically Valance is a reincarnated character who has been placed in a Framework body which is nigh on impossible to kill conventionally, but there are ways of doing it.

  • darkshade

    Has anyone ever thought to include a character from the Shannara Series by Terry Brooks? Its quite long, and there are a number of good, well balanced characters to choose from. I’ve only been following the cage matches for a couple years, so I don’t know if they’ve ever been used. Just a thought.

  • Lukáš Lovas

    Here are a few suggestions that might give a good fight….some of them aren’t very well known…enjoy 🙂
    -Any character from Playing for Keeps (Mur Lafferty)
    -Haplo from Deathgate cycle (Margaret Weis)
    -Locke Lamora from the Gentleman Bastard series (Scott Lynch)
    -Gaborn Val Orden from the Runelords series (David Farland)
    -Olek Skilgannon from the Swords of Night and Day (David Gemmell)
    -Will Parry from His Dark Materials (Phillip Pullman)

  • PT

    Why not introduce an administrator handicap?

    The God’s of Suvudu (who or whatever you may be) give each participant an X amount of votes handicap which changes depending on the matchup.

    ie Perrin : 0 to Anomander Rake :1000 baseline vote handicap.

    I feel this would even things out a little…

  • Eledhel

    +1 to the comment above

    And also to the more scifi characters comment!

  • Andy

    Well thanks for being here and just that u know I only started reading The Malazan Book of the Fallen because of the Perrin vs Quick Ben match:D

  • JD

    Hmm, if they use another Malazan character next year I hope they pick Karsa Orlong. He’s pretty much a good matchup against any warrior or mage. Also wanna see Szeth/Kaladin/Dalinar (full shardbearer) from Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. And even though Mat from WoT is awesome, wouldn’t wanna see him next turny only because he’d win based on pure popularity.

  • Archon

    Karsa would also make for some very entertaining write-ups… WITNESS!

  • Not Telling

    And another random person-people-ish-things I think should be in:
    Arren and Skandar from the Fallen Moon trilogy.
    Arren is a dead person thing who came back to life and has no heart, Skandar is a giant black-silver griffin. Oh, and did I mention they will both kill anyone who gets in their way? They will, because Arren having no heart is both literal and figurative, and Skandar likes killing people. Eating them, too.

  • bob jones

    Since I can’t find a “who did we miss” thread, here goes:

    Molly Carpenter (Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher) – An at-least-slightly-crazy wizard who uses mostly illusion/mind based magics.

    Someone from the Mistborn series (Brandon Sanderson), but not a Mistborn. Spook (from the first half of Hero of Ages), Wax (Alloy of Law), or Wayne (also Alloy of Law) are good possibilities.

    Somebody from the Way of Kings (by Brandon Sanderson), possibly Dalinar, Szeth, or Adolin (I believe that this has already been mentioned)

    John Perry (Old Man’s War by John Scalzi), good character, and a genetically engineered 75+ year old supersoldier.

    A regular human from Malazan book of the Fallen series. So far we (or at least, I) have only seen superpowerful demigods, despite assertions that the books focus on ordinary soldiers’ struggles.

  • Not Telling

    As a correction to my previous post, I meant Arenadd Taranisaii (pronounced Arr-en-ath Tar-an-is-aye) and Skandar. Arren changes, or, rather, corrects, his name in book two.
    Arenadd is Kraeae Kran Ae, the Night God’s avatar, and Skandar is a powerful dark griffin.
    Adding them to my list, as one entry. Thats what makes them special in the books. Well, Arenadd is literally a dead man walking, who can shadow step, but he’s also a Griffiner, and a Griffiner without a Griffin isn’t a Griffiner. Also, Arenadd is a badass.

  • Not Telling

    A reference to Griffin’s War, the third book. No major spoilers here.

    “No need to call the guards, they’ve taken ill. It’s a rather bad case of being dead. It seems I’m contagius.”

    Might have gotten it a bit wrong, but that’s basically the quote.

  • NAT4Ever

    Next year they should have:
    -Durzo Blint (NAT)
    -Szeth son-son-Vallano (or something like that)
    -Lan Mandragoran (if we still need another WoT character)
    And NOT Mat.
    If Mat were put in, it would be a pretty entertaining writeup, but I’d like to see some more winners. It’s not that I’m saying WoT is a bad series, but I think they’ve had enough champions.
    Oh, yeah, one more thing.
    Just because your favourite book series won (assuming you’re an actual fan) doesn’t mean you should rub it in everyone’s faces. WoT is a pretty good series, but I’m pretty sure Robert Jordan wouldn’t appreciate people giving his fans a bad reputation. I’m sure you’ve read the comments of other WoT fans, and you know that they’re not appreciating it. So are you an actual fan, or are you just an internet troll?

  • NAT4Ever

    I’m pretty sure you know that nobody here is appreciating you boasting about another victory by WoT. I know that your last post was like half a month ago, but still. Just because WoT won again doesn’t mean you should rub it in everyone’s faces. WoT is a good series, but that doesn’t mean its the only good series out there and that everyone else should just vote for it. I’m pretty sure that Robert Jordan wouldn’t appreciate it if you gave all his fans a bad reputation. Assuming you’re an actual fan, I’m sure you’ve seen the comments made by other WoT fans expressing that they don’t appreciate it either.

    And in case anyone else is wondering, yes, I used NAT4Ever just to provoke him/her. Why? Partly so he/she reads this comment, and partly because I’m a jerk 😛

  • NAT4Ever

    oops srry for the second comment my comp is kinda old and glitchy

  • Fanonymous

    For Mat, imagine Zaphod’s luck, plus Tyrion’s popularity, plus Kylar’s anti magic abilities, and then throw in being an expert fighter and general while you’re at it. It really just wouldn’t be fair that the biggest fandom would have their most popular character, who also happens to be extremely capable without a giant fandom behind him.

  • WoT4Ever


    Blah, Blah, Blah… that’s already been addressed. Apparently, nobody on this site plays any cool sports… trash talk is part of the game kiddo. If you can’t hang, then get better or go home. If you don’t like it, then establish a broader voting base and make it a competition. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!

  • Spectyr

    Why were there no recap videos? I liked those!

  • instantdeath999

    I discovered these cage matches this year, and have been fun reading through the old ones. Can’t wait for the 2013 match so I can actually participate.

    It’s not possible for characters to be entered again, is it? If so, I’d love to see Caine again (if for no other reason than Stover’s write ups), but I’d understand not wanting to enter a character in two years in a row… maybe Berne or Ma’el Koth from the same series? Ma’el Koth is essentially a god, but Suvudu seems to enter quite a few god like characters.

    I’d really like to see Locke Lamora get a fair shot, too, though he was in the 2010 match apparently. I really enjoy WOT, but I also like the idea of giving it a break for a year. But if it must be included, I say Mat. Lan would work too, but he would just sort of function as a highly skilled swordsman. Mat being immune to magic (One Power, but in my mind it would apply to most forms of magic). ASOIAF also has that danger of winning on popularity alone, though if we get a character from that series, I’d nominate Dany with her three dragons: would certainly be different. Khal Drogo maybe, but I don’t see him having much chance against most magic users. Arthur Dayne, but same issue, and we know so little about him.

    That’s pretty much all I’ve got at the moment (new fantasy reader).

  • Van

    Can I make a suggestion for this years Cage Match (which should be in a few months I think)?

    How about a “Mentors” or “Masters” type competition. A cage match that is made up solely of the really powerful characters from these universes. Gandalf. Dumbledore. Lews Therin. Merlin. The Merlin from the Dresden Files (or Ebenezer McCoy). Etc.

    Or is there a better place to put this idea? I guess I should look around the site…

    Anyway, thanks. It’s always fun.

  • Jlingo

    When is the next cage fight starting?