Guest Essay: Artist and Writer Eric Orchard on ‘Marrowbones’


Marrowbones-EricOrchardscreen_Page_01Eric Orchard is an award-winning illustrator whose work has charmed the young and old alike in books like Carrie Muller and Jacqueline Halsey’s The Terrible, Horrible, Smelly Pirateand Jeff VanderMeer’s The Situation. His newest project is titled Marrowbones.

Eric Orchard:

Marrowbones is my horror comic for kids and my first DIY comics project since I published minicomics in high school. Something that might sound familiar to creative types is the feeling of having more ideas than a publisher has room to publish. In an uncertain comic book market it’s getting harder to tell all the stories we have. So, doing comics on your own is a great way to get those stories out there.

Also, Marrowbones is a marketing nightmare. No self respecting publisher would put a very funny decapitation in their kids book. But that’s the kind of book Marrowbones wanted to be. Marrowbones is my love letter to every haunted, gothic novel, spooky movie, late night telling ghosts stories around a fire, horror comic and unnerving illustrator. So, I’m so glad we have the option now to self publish. It’s viable and the stigma has (mostly) lifted. And I think it’s healthy to have self publishing coexist with traditional publishing. It broadens the field. Lets more readers in.