Dear Reader: A Letter from Kevin Hearne


Dear Reader,

Have you seen the Conspiracy Keanu meme where dear Mr. Reeves has one of those “Whoa” expressions on his face because he just had a thought that nearly made his brain go ’splody? I kind of feel like that right now. In May of 2011 I was saying hello to you all for the first time with my debut, HOUNDED. Now it’s a year later and I’ve published four books in The Iron Druid Chronicles. If you haven’t read them yet, it’s kind of like this: 


Well, it’s a little bit more involved than that, but Conspiracy Keanu is correct, some of them are naked. The really dangerous ones, for example. Since urban fantasy as a genre is essentially a mash-up—put some fantasy critters in a contemporary urban setting and see what happens—I embraced that approach and decided to explore what would happen if all gods existed according to the beliefs of their worshippers. Since the series is told from a first person POV, you get to meet them as the hero, Atticus O’Sullivan, does. While the Irish pantheon is prominent, quite a bit of attention is paid to the Norse as well, and we also get visits from the Greco-Roman gods, in addition to cameos from the pantheons of India, Africa, Finland, China, Japan, and Russia, and some notable luminaries from the Christian tradition.

I didn’t write four books in a year—they just got released that way. That’s great for readers because they can dive deep into a new series without having to wait.

The latest book in the series, TRICKED, finds Atticus on the Navajo reservation and dealing with a magic system wildly different from his own. He also has to deal with the shenanigans of Coyote, the trickster, as well as fallout from his past adventures in Asgard, where he had a throwdown with Odin, Thor, and other members of the Norse.

The process of writing TRICKED was far more difficult than any of my previous books—and, since book five, TRAPPED, was recently finished with very few snags, it remains the toughest book I’ve completed to date. Luckily, I have one of the most brilliant editors in the business—Tricia Narwani—and she was able to nudge me in the right direction to make the changes I needed. We work really well together, in part because we both dig heavy metal and can admire, from afar, the verdant, untamed growth of the epic fantasy beard and the awesome effort it must take every morning not to attack the unruly tangle with a gas-powered hedge trimmer.* Because of this easy working relationship, we co-wrote a rather detailed post about the novel revision process that might prove illuminating to anyone interested in the craft of writing.

If you desire illumination on anything else—including my series—please visit my website. Feel free to say howdy to me on Twitter @kevinhearne, and I have an author page on Facebook as well.

Happy Reading!

Kevin Hearne

*This is patently untrue. We both secretly wish we could grow epic fantasy beards and we’re just jealous. Well, perhaps it’s solely my issue, if I’m honest. I suspect Tricia may be okay with walking the world beardless. But I’m also convinced that she empathizes and understands every fantasy fan’s desire to grow a luxurious face thicket.