First Draft News: The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett


brett-wardedSocial media is a powerful tool!

While Facebook, Twitter, and their other lesser siblings can be complete and utter time sucks that destroy productivity and downgrade true friendships, they can also be quite useful. They connect people, a web of consciousness, and that web can spread throughout the world in complex ways with unexpectedly positive results.

It wasn’t always so.

Once upon a time, when I entered the infancy of web development in 1996, readers had no sure way of knowing when a book would be published. Sure, bookstores like Walden and B. Dalton had information boards above their cash registers featuring upcoming release dates, but those dates were for the most bestselling authors writing—Nora Roberts, Stephen King, Robert Jordan, James Patterson. Lesser bestselling authors, mid-list writers, and debut novels had no chance to hit those boards.

With the advent of the internet(s) though, publishers and authors quickly discovered a means to disseminate information to those who matter—the readers. When was a book finished? When would it publish? Where was the author touring? These questions could be answered finally.

Some authors don’t do social media. Some do it well. Others do it great.

Peter V. Brett is one who does it great. He is the author of The Warded Man and The Desert Spear. For two years, he has been slaving away on the third book of five planned, The Daylight War, the entire time keeping his fans up to date with his progress via Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. In a world where fans just want to be informed with truth, Peat has given it and been honest about his progress.

brett-desertTwo days ago, Peat let us all know via social media that he had come to the final chapter in the first draft of The Daylight War!

And that he would make that chapter his bitch.

He did just that. The first draft is complete! Read his Peephole blog for more details!

Here is a short interview with some choice questions:

Shawn Speakman: How does it feel to finish the first draft of THE DAYLIGHT WAR?

Peter V. Brett: It’s hard to describe the feeling of finishing a project over two year in the making. I feel an incredible relief, but also feel a bit empty, especially after the last month where I was working on the book from morning till late at night seven days a week. Thankfully, I have the new anxiety of edits and rewrites to look forward to! But seriously, I am psyched, because the book turned out even better than I had hoped. I am so proud of it.

SS: Being the middle book of a five-book cycle, what were the challenges you encountered while writing it?

PVB: I kind of had to accept the fact that there were just too many characters and history for a completely modular story. That is to say, while someone could pick this book up and understand it perfectly well without reading the others, its full effect is felt only after having read the first two. I do believe The Daylight War has a strong beginning, middle, and end, however.

SS: How long will you take before starting Book 4?

PVB: The outline for book 4 (tentatively titled The Skull Throne) is already 88 pages, and has a full story arc. I will finalize it in the next 1-2 weeks and hand it in to Del Rey, then start formal work on the project soon after!

It’s just the beginning though. Peat will send the first draft off to his editors in the US and UK, as well as read the entire book from beginning to end to catch any problems with continuity and to tighten up the prose a bit. The editors will read it over, commenting on the book where necessary, and eventually will give it back to Peat for editing. Peat will make his changes, give the book to a few early readers, and then it will go to the publisher production team where page proofs will be created, ARCs produced, and a marketing plan instituted!

Fun times! I’m excited for Peat. I’m excited for his fans who have been patiently waiting while watching his social media!

The Daylight War has a tentative release date for February 2013. More news on that, cover art, dust jacket summary, tour information, etc. when I have it!

To learn more about The Warded Man (excerpt) and The Desert Spear, visit Peat’s website at!