Poll: Where Do You Buy Your Books?


printing-press-inventionThe book had its revolution when Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press.

A few years ago, Amazon re-revolutionized the book industry by releasing the first Kindle eReader.

There’s almost six hundred years between the two, time that saw the rise of bookstores around the world and the increased ability to learn information and read for entertainment. The book world continues to change with every week that passes. Even now, we are in the midst of publishers finding new ways to reach readers, writers self-publishing to get their work out there, and a plethora of small presses rising as a new, viable option for the book.

Make no mistake: Change is a constant.

With all of this change, people’s buying habits have changed too over the centuries. Once upon a time, only the wealthy could afford a book be copied and thereby gained for the family library. Then the printing press happened, giving the middle class of the Middle Ages a chance to purchase books of all types. The revolution of the press had such a long, lasting effect that bookstores came into being, furthering the ability of people to find books.

Most recently, the internet(s) gave rise to readers being able to order books from anywhere, to be delivered anywhere.

And now the eReader using the internet. No waiting. A single button pressed and the book is yours to read.

With all of that change, where do you buy your books now? Are you primarily an eReader, immediate gratification assured? Do you order online, waiting for a surprise package to meet you at your door? Or are you like me—still loving the smell of walking into a brick & mortar bookstore and spending hours doing so?

Would love to hear where you primarily buy your books—and why!