Sting: Sword of the Third Age


Swords have been a part of fantasy for millennia.

The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien is no exception. One of the most beloved epic fantasy sagas of all time, LOTR has a number of swords within its pages, most of them named. Anduril, the sword of Aragorn. Glamdring, the sword of Gandalf. Herugrim, the sword of Théoden. Narsil, the sword of Elendil. Orcrist, the sword of Thorin Oakenshield. And others.

But no sword better shaped the fate of Middle Earth after the shattering of Narsil than Sting, the Elven knife carried by Bilbo and later by Frodo.


Sting has a storied history going back to the First Age. It was originally lost during that age but eventually found its way to Bilbo in the Third Age after he discovered it in a Troll-hoard—along with Glamdring and Orcrist. Sting is not a sword in the normal sense; it is the size of a knife to Elves. But it is a perfect short-sword sized weapon for a hobbit. It is glows in the presence of orcs or goblins, alerting its bearer when danger is near.

The spiders of Mirkwood called it Sting—and the name stuck.

Later, Bilbo bequeathed Sting to his nephew Frodo, who carried the sword in his effort to destroy the One Ring in Mordor. It saved him countless times—from such enemies as the Ringwraiths, Shelob and Gollum.

Weta Workshop, the company responsible for outfitting armor and weapons for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, created these swords as well in various editions. Here is an announcement from Weta about a new edition of Sting:

Weta is pleased to announce the fourth sword in The Lord of the Rings – The Master Swordsmith’s Collection:

Sting – the sword of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins

Found in a Trolls’ hoard by Bilbo Baggins, Sting was an ancient Elven blade from the lost realm of Gondolin. Sting was designed by Daniel Falconer and made at Weta Workshop in New Zealand for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy by Master Swordsmith Peter Lyon. Now, 10 years later, you have the opportunity to own Sting, hand crafted in the very same workshop in New Zealand by the very same Master Swordsmith.

Sting comes in two different versions:

1. The Fine Art Limited Edition
Sting as the Elves would have made it. The absolute epitome of craftsmanship includes a richly crafted grip in South American cocobolo wood inlaid with Pure Silver.

2. The Movie Version
The grip in the Movie Version has been decorated with an elven vine transfer, just like the movie sword of the 2001 The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I’m not going to lie to you. Neither of these editions are particularly easy on the pocket book. But you get what you pay for and then some. Silver? Cocobolo wood? These are the definitive editions of Sting for the fan. Got the money? Not a bad way to go!

It takes a great deal of time and talent to produce these swords. Want to watch how Sting was made? Click HERE!

The first movie in the The Hobbit duology is still eight months away. That saddens me. But at least we are already getting great merchandise from Weta! Sting is a part of that.

Make it your precioussss…