Charity Drive: George R. R. Martin Helps Wolves


A Dance With DragonsGeorge R. R. Martin loves wolves.

That probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to many of you. After all, direwolves play an integral role in his Song of Ice & Fire series. The direwolf is the sigil of House Stark from Winterfell, where winter is coming. Direwolves are resilient, honorable, and unwilling to back down from a fight.

George also cares for the wolves in our world. They’ve had a rough last century, their populations dwindling to the lowest levels in the history of the world. It takes passion and money to keep them safe.

To help aid the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, George has graciously donated 40 first edition copies of his newest novel, A Dance With Dragons as well as copies of the chapbook, A Feast For Crows: Captain of the Guards.

That’s not all though. George will sign and/or personalize these copies up for sale. That is exceptionally rare since George’s signing lines on tour have become so long that he can no longer personalize. If you want your name etched into a copy of A Dance With Dragons by one of the best writers in the world, this is your opportunity!

Here is George talking about it on his Not A Blog:

For a donation of $100 to the Wild Spirit Sanctuary, I will send you a first edition hardcover of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS, autographed… autographed and personally inscribed (upon request). For the most part I have been forced to stop doing personal inscriptions at my bookstore signings, con appearances, and the like… the crowds have simply gotten too large… so this is a rare chance for those who’d like to have a book personalizations. But the offer is limited to forty (40) copies, first come, first served. So if you want one, click on the link and make that donation NOW.

It’s a rare opportunity—and it ends tomorrow!

To learn more about this cool event, click HERE!

Winter is coming…