Jedi Science: Those Who Trust Their Feelings Are Better at Predicting Future


ObiWanMindTrickEvery Star Wars fan knows that feelings are a big part of using the Force. Early in his training, Obi Wan Kenobi told Luke Skywalker to “stretch out with his feelings” to connect with the force. Even Emperor Palpatine commanded Darth Vader to “Search his feelings” about Luke Skywalker. Well, the Jedi may be on to something.

A recent study has revealed that those who trust their feelings are more adept at predicting the outcome of future events. Researchers used tests to elicit the degree to which participants trust their feelings, and then asked them to predict all sorts of things: American Idol winners, movie box office results, even the 2008 Presidential election. They found that those who trust their feelings were more 25% more accurate in their predictions than those who don’t.

How does this work? Researchers think that when we trust our feelings what we’re doing is actually summarizing all of the information we’ve got about the world around us. They call it the “Privileged Window” hypothesis.

There’s nothing supernatural about learning to trust your gut, if you can manage to do so, you could possibly develop predictive abilities that rival Master Yoda.