New eShort Story: Fable: Theresa by Peter David


david-theresaPeter David is one of the most interesting and colorful writers working today.

First, he is a writing machine. Few writers can match his creative output. He must chain himself to his keyboard because he is always working on multiple projects with an alacrity of speed.

Then there is the fact that he writes in as many different genres and formats as possible. He has written novels set in the universes of Star Trek and Babylon 5, as well as movie tie-in Marvel Comics novels. The work he did on The Incredible Hulk comic book series is unparalleled and he is currently adapting the greatness that is Stephen King’s Dark Tower saga in the same comic book format. He also writes short stories and children’s books, as well as movie scripts.

Most recently, he has written a series of short stories set in the Fable video game universe! The first two stories, Fable: Reaver and Fable: Jack of Blades, are available now for $.99 a piece!

And today, the third short story, Fable: Theresa, is published:

Fable™ Heroes, available May 2, 2012, on Xbox Live Arcade, gathers a range of heroes and villains from across the epic videogame saga—and the Fable™ companion eBook series delves even deeper into their greatest triumphs, darkest secrets, and never-before-seen origins. In the third eBook short story, the Blind Seeress Theresa encounters a destiny she can’t abide. Can she change the future without changing everything?

In a small village, an innocent girl is tormented by disturbing hallucinations and violent headaches. Like Theresa, the girl is a seer, but one whose powers will lead to madness and death. Theresa has seen the girl’s fate in a shocking vision. Refusing to accept what appears to be certain, Theresa resolves to find the mythical cure for second sight. But she needs help. Unfortunately, in a town where heroes are few and far between, Theresa is left with Elijah Stane, a drunken wretch up for one last great adventure. On a journey rife with peril, Fable’s™ most powerful seer discovers that altering fate is no easy task. And the choices Theresa must make will haunt her . . . perhaps to the grave.

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Fable: Theresa is available today and is also $.99. It is available on all major eReader services. To see the list of links leading to purchase Theresa, click HERE!

More from Peter David and Fable as the summer progresses!

Stay tuned!