You’re Not the Biggest ‘Star Wars’ Fan. This Guy (or Gal) is.


You may fancy yourself a big fan of Star Wars, I think this has you beat. A recent article in the Canadian newspaper Metro detailed the construction of a Death Star-themed home theater that will blow your mind. Its unnamed owner commissioned Star Wars prequel design director Ted Chiang to design the massive set-up (It even has its own lobby!), which features state of the art audio-visual equipment and tons of Star Wars swag. The price tag? Oh, at least a million dollars for the equipment alone.

Here’s a photo from the completed theater, but to really understand the magnitude of its awesomeness, you’ll need to go check out the slideshow here.

I don’t know about you, but I’m Gammorean green with envy. In all likelihood I’ll never have anything close to that kind of theater. That’s okay, though. At least Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars: Choices of One is out in paperback this week. The “theater of the mind” is always open for business and has the best equipment for any price.imgpress