Top 5 2012 Comic Con Exclusives


logo-CCIThe 2012 San Diego Comic Con is this week!

And for the first time in six years, I am not attending. It’s a strange feeling. Not flying south to sunny Southern California. Not bumping into Stan Lee while getting my hotel room. Not sharing that same hotel room with a friend who uproariously snores. Not going to business lunches and dinners. Not conducting off-the-cuff video interviews at the Random House booth. Not seeing celebrities walking through the convention as other geeks would. Not seeing dozens of friends I’ve made over the years—mostly at parties.

Not being surrounded by masses of sweaty Comic Con goers—many of whom forgot their deodorant at home.

I have to admit, that last one I’m not going to miss much.

What I am missing out on though are the Comic Con exclusives! Every year I look forward to them. Rare pieces, usually only found at Comic Con. Since I’m not going, I am having a friend pick me up the things I want. And what do I want?

Here are the Top 5 2012 COMIC CON EXCLUSIVES!


Many of the exclusives I pick up are tongue in cheek products, pieces I find great amusement in and, when friends visit, they get a laugh. Jar Jar Binks In Carbonite is one of them!


This should have happened years ago. Kenner has done a great job here including Jar Jar as he should have been presented five minutes into his Phantom Menance introduction—in carbonite! This exclusive comes with six other figures but it will be the only way to get the Jar Jar in Carbonite. And I want it—if for no better reason than to torture and ridicule one of the most annoying characters ever created!

Location: Booth #3329
Production Run: ?
Price: $79.99


Few things can top my excitement for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Actually, at this point, nothing can top it. While this year has seen some fantastic movies released, The Hobbit was my #1 most anticipated movie on January 1, 2012 and it is still even after six months.


This is a beautiful representation of the Shire, as Gandalf the Grey pays a visit to a Hobbit whose life is about to change forever. I don’t know where this exclusive will be but it must be either at the New Line Cinema booth or the Weta Workshop booth. Peter Jackson’s people might even be handing these out at the massive The Hobbit panel. Regardless, I want to frame it when it arrives safely home to me and place it on the wall.

Location: ?
Production Run: ?
Price: ?


From a cultural point of view, this comic book is a When President Barack Obama stated his support of same-sex marriage in the US, it set off a few dominoes—one of them in the comic book industry. Comic Books have always been a mirror held up before our own faces, and it is like that here: Astonishing X-Men #51 being the wedding issue between X-Men and Alpha Flight member Northstar to his boyfriend Kyle.


The exclusive Astonishing X-Men #51 is awesome because Marjorie M. Liu will be at the convention. She is always readily accessible. So you can get this exclusive sketch variant wraparound B&W comic book signed and keep it as a piece of progressive history!

Location: Diamond PREVIEWS Booth (# 2401).
Production Run: 3000 copies
Price: ?


Zombies. People love them. Or love to hate them. Either way, they don’t hate to love them and it is no more apparent than the AMC show The Walking Dead. It is adapted from the Image comic book of the same name, a series that recently hit #100 issues!


With this Comic Con exclusive, zombie fans can read the first #48 issues of the series in a beautiful gold-stamped hardcover. Or not touch it and read the paperback instead! Image Comics only produced 1000 hardcover copies, making it extremely limited. The first 100 were sold at Emerald City Comic Con earlier this year, leaving 900 for SDCC. I’m not the biggest zombie fan in the world but I know when something is special. This is!

Location: Image Booth
Production: Only 900 copies
Price: $100.00


Thorin, son of Thráin, son of Thrór, King Under the Mountain. Bilbo would have had a much harder time on his unexpected journey if not for Thorin.


This is the first piece of merchandise from The Hobbit movies that I really can’t wait to have in my possession. Crafted using digital scans of actor Richard Armitage, his authentic costumes and props, and cast in the highest quality polystone, no other collectable is as accurate a portrayal of Thorin. This is going to look great next to my computer while I wait for the movie to release!

Location: Gentle Giant, Ltd. Booth
Production Run: 500
Price: $70.00

I sent a friend this list. I told him to pick these up. I know he’ll do it. He will likely want all five for himself too!

Expect coverage from Comic Con soon! Stay tuned!