Werewolf Seduction in Keri Arthur’s ‘Beneath a Rising Moon’


Protagonist Neva Grant must infiltrate a powerful werewolf pack and seduce its alpha Duncan Sinclair in order to solve a murder in Keri Arthur’s Beneath a Rising Moon. This saucy supernatural story is stuffed with sex and savagery, and intriguingly enough, in some ways its werewolf seduction plot has some analogies with the reproductive strategies of real wolves.

Wolves travel in packs consisting of one to three families, and while most people know that each pack is led by an alpha male, there’s also an alpha female as well. Winter is mating season, but unless you’re either the alpha male or female you won’t be getting any action on those cold winter nights. Only the alpha pair have mating rights, and both retain those rights by being strong enough to fight off competitors. If werewolves are anything like actual wolves, then Arthur’s Neva Grant will have to become the alpha female.

Interestingly enough, after mating, the pregnant alpha female takes over the pack for a while. She calls the shots regarding where the den is going to be and other issues regarding the safety of the pups. It has to be this way in order to ensure the survival of the next generation. Normally, the alpha female only occupies the leader position during pregnancy. Exceptions do occur, though: If the alpha male is weak, the alpha female can rise to dominate the pack.

When packs get too large, an unrelated alpha male and alpha female will sometimes take off to form their own pack. While Neva Grant’s pack normally despises Sinclair’s pack, they could under the right circumstances form a new pack all their own. Will they?