Kevin Hearne Writing Luke Skywalker


The “Star Wars” universe just got a whole lot more interesting!

Kevin Hearne, author of the Iron Druid Chronicles, has signed on to write a “Star Wars” novel. And not just any “Star Wars” novel. He’ll be working within the greatness of the original trilogy! He will be tackling the time period between “A New Hope” and “The Empire Strikes Back”, an interesting time period since Luke has barely brushed the surface of what the Force can do. That has me giddy. Kevin is one of my favorite writers at Del Rey Books right now, his tales of Druid Atticus O’Sullivan always entertaining and some of the best urban fantasy around.

Since Kevin really can’t talk specifics about the “Star Wars” project, I decided to ask him three simple questions:

Shawn Speakman: Tell fantasy and “Star Wars” fans the big news.

Kevin Hearne: Del Rey noticed that I’m kind of a “Star Wars” nut and asked me if I’d like to write a book for them focusing on Luke Skywalker, set betwixt Episode IV and V. Well, I was seven when the first movie came out and I grew up with this stuff. I couldn’t say no—I mean, I was playing with the original action figures and making up new adventures all the time. I’m talkin’ “PEW! PEW! PEW!” and “I can’t shake him!” and “Copy Gold Leader!” and attempting to sound like James Earl Jones when I hadn’t even reached puberty yet. So yeah, I’m thrilled to be on board and my nerd cred has skyrocketed amongst my friends.

SS: Will you be visiting Skywalker Ranch? Meeting George Lucas?

KH: Well, no, they haven’t invited me, but that goes to show you how smart they are! They probably realize that I would just slobber on everything. Maybe it would be safe if they bought a whole lot of plastic sheeting first. Or they could hook me up with one of those drool suction things they have at the dentist.

SS: What’s your favorite “Star Wars” movie and why?

KH: “The Empire Strikes Back!” It has it all! The wampa! Hologram Ben Kenobi! Admirals failing Vader for the last time! An awesome giant space worm lurking in an asteroid! Lando’s mustache! Freezing people in carbonite, which we all secretly wished to do to our enemies! And the immortal line, “Size matters not,” which gave hope to a planet full of insecure men! I know every movie has great stuff in it, but for me, ESB has the perfect blend of action, wonder, and humor.

I have a ton more questions for Kevin but they will have to wait a while. Will any of the supporting cast from the end of “A New Hope” be with Luke? Han? Chewie? Her worship? Will Vader be in it? We will have to wait and see!

If you haven’t read Kevin’s work yet, do yourself a favor and do it. Start with Hounded. You will see he is perfect to write a Luke Skywalker tale.

More when we know it!