San Diego Comic-Con Recap


Associate editor Mike Braff has a quick recap to give on San Diego Comic-Con:

Everyone has their holy places, but for the geek crowd, nothing ranks above San Diego Comic-Con.  As a proud geek myself, I had dreamed of walking its hallowed halls, being jostled by its costumed revelers, and eating its crappy con-food.  Last month my dreams were realized: I finally made it to SDCC!  Over the course of six days, the Del Rey Spectra team hosted many authors, gave away thousands of books, and met tens of thousands of fans: one of the most rewarding experiences ever.  Here’s a short (and by no means complete) recap of the festivities:

Books given away: 3,024
Bookmarks given away: 15,000+
Buttons given away: 1,000
Author signings: 17
Bottles of water consumed by the crew: 96
Author interviews conducted: 20
Cave trolls spotted: 3
Awards won: 1

A special note of congratulations goes out to Peter F. Hamilton, who was a guest of honor at the con and was presented with the Inkpot Award for a lifetime achievement in sci-fi/fantasy literature.  Check it out below: