Terry Brooks Has A New Book In His Hand


Authors go through one helluva publication process.

They don’t just write the book and that’s that. They start by writing the book. They then spend time editing the book on their own. They send the book to their editor, who in turn sends the book right back with more edits. Once the book is laid out, the authors has to go over it again and proof the pages.

Then then have to work with the marketing team. The publicity team. Fantasy blogs demanding interviews. Newspapers demanding interviews. Tours and airport security.

It all sounds exhausting!

Until they hold their book for the first time:


Terry received his copies of Wards of Faerie last week. As you can see, he is extremely happy with it. It possesses a beautiful dust jacket by Stephen Youll, the production team did a great job with laying out the interior, the interior artwork by Todd Lockwood is gorgeous, and the schematics of Paranor by David Cherry are revealing.

I couldn’t help not taking a picture of Terry with new addition to his book family!

The rest of you have to wait six days for it.

Wards of Faerie by Terry Brooks publishes Tuesday, August 21, 2012!

Can’t wait for you to read it!