Weta: Own the One Ring!



The Hobbit is beginning to merchandise.

In a few weeks, the movie tie-in mass market paperback will publish featuring new cover artwork from the live-action movie. And before you know it, we will be assaulted with new and cool items all centered on Bilbo’s journey to the Lonely Mountain and beyond.

It will be an awesome time. The one thing I love about geekdom is our capacity to collect. It is rare to have such a high-profile movie come to movie theaters, especially one with the following The Hobbit has. The licensing that the Tolkien Estate, New Line Cinema, and Warner Bros. had to do must have been massive but hopefully there will be some wonderful merchandise to buy soon!

In fact, it has already started. There is no need to find the One Ring in Gollum’s cave. Today, Weta Workshop announced that their replica of The One Ring plated in gold has sold out until October—which means they will have more, of course. They also produced a solid 18K gold edition that is still available.

Here they are:

If the 18K gold edition had runes that glowed after being heated, I’d definitely pay the $3000 for it! I’ll likely buy the plated ring in October though. I already have a small replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones coming in November. I might as well have a piece of Tolkien fantasy too. Two different items for two different pedestals for my office corners.

If you see any The Hobbit merchandise that you think is cool, let me know! I’m always looking.

Now I just need something from Sideshow Collectibles…

… maybe a replica of Sting for my wall.