Story Board: Patrick Rothfuss & Friends


Technology can be a great tool sometimes.

Case in point, The Story Board. Bestselling author and bearded wunderkind Patrick Rothfuss has begun a video series on Google+ devoted to the craft of writing, the fantasy genre, and anything else that crosses his mind. He brings in some very talented writers for these discussions, hoping to bring knowledge, wisdom, and strawberry goodness to millions.

Click HERE to read more about The Story Board from Pat himself.

I got to participate in Episode #2, if only by chance. Pat was in Seattle for several book-related events. I took Terry Brooks, his wife Judine, author Peter Orullian, and Pat out to dinner. We had a great time talking about fantasy, sophomore books, touring, editing styles and various other topics that shall go unmentioned.

After dinner, I let Pat use my computer so he could join authors Amber Benson (of Buffy fame), Bradley P. Beaulieu, Mary Robinette Kowal in The Story Board video chat where the second episode centered on the topic “Concerning Characters.”

In fact, here is video of that episode:

As you can see, stacks of books in the background from The Signed Page. A perfect environment for authors talking about characters, I think!

That wasn’t all though. Terry was in the room, getting a feel for The Story Board and how Pat runs it. Then Pat drug the poor man in for almost half of the show! I think Terry enjoyed it though. He likes nothing better than to talk about the craft of writing and in particular character creation.

The Story Board will meet once a month. To learn more or see what others want to see from future episodes, click HERE!

The Story Board airs on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 8pm PDT!

Check it out!