A ‘Silmarillion’ Film: Would You Watch It?


I’ve been skimming through The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings books in anticipation of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. (It helps when you have the set in a nice handy box.)

I’m as excited as anyone about the Hobbit movies. I can’t believe they’re almost here. However, and I guess that this is a testament to my own glass-half-empty personality, all I can think about is that once the movies have come and gone, that this may very well be it for Tolkien in cinema – at least for another generation or two.

Unless Jackson (or someone) tackles The Silmarillion.

This would be a difficult project. The Silmarillion is the creation myth of the Middle-earth universe: The coming of what more or less passes as the gods, the ascension of the Elves and the rise and fall of Numenor, the creation of the rings. It’s an utterly mythopoeic work – almost a myth cycle than a set of fantasy cycles. This would be more than just one movie here, but with three LOTR films and three new Hobbit films coming down the pipes, would three Silmarillion films really be that unreasonable? What about five or six?

Who knows if Peter Jackson would want to be sign on for that project – he might be Tolkiened out at that point – but surely there would be other great directors who would wish to tackle it. Guillermo del Toro was associated with The Hobbit at one point. I’m a huge del Toro fan, but even I didn’t think that he was a good fit for that. However, the Mexican visionary director would be perfect for The Silmarillion, in my opinion. The mythical tone would jibe well with del Toro’s highly visual style. It would be nice to see him come in for his turn on the Tolkien universe.

The Silmarillion might be considered unfilmable, but people said the same thing about LOTR. I think it could be a great series of movies, but the bigger question would be whether Tolkien fans would show up to watch it. Would you?

  • I absolutely would watch a Silmarillion film, and probably more than once. I have read and re-read that book several times and am always enchanted with the Tolkienesque mythos, the many and varied personalities within all the races, and the very dramatic stories.

  • Most definitely! It would be a challenge, but so beautiful. I’d love to see the story of Beren and Luthien on the big screen!

  • SarahSparrow

    I think it would be very interesting to see if it could be pulled off.

  • Michael

    The Silmarillion as a whole would be a difficult movie to make, and probably wouldn’t turn out well if everything was included, but many stories from it could be made into great films (Beren & Luthien being a previously mentioned example). Or they could film The Children of Hurin, which could be utterly amazing.

  • Eco

    A Silmarillion movie would be definately interesting. The book itself has probably room for more than 10 movies…

    I see it this way: the first part would begin with a long intro, with Galadriel as the storyteller as in The Fellowship of the Ring. This very long intro would cover everything from the Music of the Ainur to the Exodus of the Noldors and the making of the sun and moon as the first day.

    Then, as in the Fellowship of the Ring the action starts in the Shire, in the Silmarillion movie the action would start in Doriath, and the whole movie will be the story of Beren and Luthien. A second part of the movie would be the story of Earendil, followed by an outro, which will cover the War of Wrath, the fate of the silmarils and Sauron, left in the world by the valar.

    Still I don’t see how Akallabeth and the fall of Numenor could be included…

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