Here’s a Huge Excerpt from The Hobbit Graphic Novel

I feel like you can’t really appreciate a graphic novel without having the opportunity to flip through a few of its pages first. It’s important to really get a good sense of what it’s all about. Is the art consistent? How’s the dialog? Most good comic book stores don’t mind if you give a potential purchase the once-through, but even the best might wing an toy (I mean, “collectible”) at your head if it looks like you’re trying to get away with a free read. (“This ain’t a library, dude!”, says my local comic book guy.)

I had written about how much I enjoyed The Hobbit graphic novel a week or two ago here on Unbound Worlds, but it bothered me that you guys couldn’t actually see what I was raving about beyond just the cover, and as any comic book reader knows, covers often differ from what’s actually inside. Sometimes the artists aren’t even the same.

Well, Seeing is believing, so I asked my friends at Del Rey if they wouldn’t mind sharing a few pages of the book with you. Boy, did they come through. They provided an excerpt of not one or two pages, but over twenty! So take a nice, long look now at the awesomeness of The Hobbit graphic novel. Settle in and have a good read, and when you’re done, be sure to pick up the full book at your favorite local comic book shop or book retailer.

The Hobbit (Graphic Novel) by J.R.R. Tolkien