New Release Interview: Krampus by Brom


brom-krampusYou better watch out

You better not cry

You better not pout

I’m telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town.

So be good for goodness sake? Santa may think that but not Krampus. Krampus seethes with hate for Santa Claus. Unbridled hate. Who is Krampus, you ask? Everything has an opposite. When Santa Claus gives gifts to those who have been good, Krampus tags along to punish those kids who have been bad. He will even take those kids home in his own sack and eat them for Christmas dinner.

Enter Brom. One of the best artists in the genre, Brom has always been a writer, bringing his dark visions to life both with prose and with paint. Krampus: The Yule Lord is his newest novel and it brings the whole Santa Claus / Krampus dichotomy into new holiday light—with huge conflict.

Brom answered a few questions about the new book. Enjoy!


Shawn Speakman: Tell Unbound Worlds readers a bit about your new book, KRAMPUS?

Brom: The book is about the ancient Yule spirit Krampus and his obsession to hunt down Santa and kill him in order to reclaim Christmas. It is played straight, tying Krampus and Santa Claus’s long feud back to their roots in Yule lore and Norse mythology. It is set in a tiny town in Boone County West Virginia to add just the right touch of rural backwoods madness.

Speakman: Said very tongue in cheek, do you have a vendetta against Santa Claus?

Brom: No, I love Santa, but Krampus certainly has some issues with the jolly old elf.

Speakman: What is the favorite piece you painted for the book? And why?

Brom: Well, Krampus without doubt. I have been dying to have a shot at bringing him to life for years. The challenge was to capture the humanity beneath the monster, that and his mischievous spirit.

Speakman: It is rare to have an artist make the transition to writer.

Brom: It seemed very natural to me, I’ve always considered myself a storyteller either with words or pictures and love to be able to tell my tale using both creative disciplines.

Speakman: What do you like best about having control over both aspects of a book?

Brom: I love that everything stays true to my vision.

Speakman: What will your next project be?

Brom: I’m currently putting together a new retrospective art book with Flesk publishing title “the Art of Brom”. It will be available for pre-order from my website very soon.

Krampus: The Yule Lord by Brom is in fine bookstores today! Get your holiday spirit on!

As much as Krampus will let ya…