Video: Terry Brooks Talks Unfettered


Two days ago, Terry Brooks got in front of the camera to talk about Unfettered, my 2013 short story anthology featuring some of the best fantasy writers working today!

Here is that video, taken in his Oregon home writing office:

Terry has two different contributions to the anthology. The first is Imaginary Friends, the precursor to Running with the Demon, a Word/Void short story that was initially published in 1991—six years before Demon was published. It features a certain irascible Pick and his trusty owl Daniel, although they are a bit different in this early version. Imaginary Friends went out of print almost immediately when it was originally published so this will be a treat for you Terry Brooks completists.

The second piece is smaller. It is the short tale of the Druid Walker meeting with the Shade of Allanon that was originally published as an e-short by Del Rey when people signed up for their e-newsletter. This came out in October 2000. The story fits nicely into the pages of Ilse Witch, when Walker visits the Hadeshorn, but the reader didn’t know what the Shade of Allanon told the Druid. Now you do. It has never been published physically and for Shannara fans this will likely be the only time to get it!

To learn more about Unfettered, click HERE!

I love this age of video!