You’ll Never Know Everything About Star Wars


Let’s face it: the Star Wars universe has grown beyond fandom and become something that rivals the world’s religions in its complexity. So many characters! So many places! So many plotlines! Is that a problem? Absolutely not. The Star Wars legacy is a rich one, and there’s something to be found there for everyone.

That being said, it is a lot of stuff to remember, and even the best scholar can benefit from a good reference. There are concordances for the Bible. For Star Wars, there is the Star Wars: Essential Reader’s Companion. The Companion is an essential reference book that covers the entire Star Wars saga in print, from the first movie and the tie-in novel that preceded it (!) to the Fate of the Jedi. It’s not just the novels, either: The Companion includes e-books, novellas and tie-in comic books. If it’s in print, then there’s going to be a synopsis of the story in the Companion. There’s more, too: notes about the authors and characters and stories, plus pages and pages of original art.

You’ll never know everything about Star Wars, but the Star Wars: Essential Reader’s Companion is a good step in the right direction.