You’ll Never Know Everything About Star Wars


Let’s face it: the Star Wars universe has grown beyond fandom and become something that rivals the world’s religions in its complexity. So many characters! So many places! So many plotlines! Is that a problem? Absolutely not. The Star Wars legacy is a rich one, and there’s something to be found there for everyone.

That being said, it is a lot of stuff to remember, and even the best scholar can benefit from a good reference. There are concordances for the Bible. For Star Wars, there is the Star Wars: Essential Reader’s Companion. The Companion is an essential reference book that covers the entire Star Wars saga in print, from the first movie and the tie-in novel that preceded it (!) to the Fate of the Jedi. It’s not just the novels, either: The Companion includes e-books, novellas and tie-in comic books. If it’s in print, then there’s going to be a synopsis of the story in the Companion. There’s more, too: notes about the authors and characters and stories, plus pages and pages of original art.

You’ll never know everything about Star Wars, but the Star Wars: Essential Reader’s Companion is a good step in the right direction.

  • Jack

    There’s a small problem with the Kindle edition. Pages 123 through 132 are in the wrong place. That whole chunk should be in the Dark Times chapter after Coruscant Nights I, but is instead in the Clone Wars chapter before the Episode III novelization.

  • Erich

    Thanks for pointing that out Jack. We’ll look into it immediately.

  • Andrew

    You guys are brilliant for coming out with this book cant wait to get it, it could possibly be a better read then the bane series 😮

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