2012 Gifts For the Geek: It’s Back!


UnboundWorlds-iconThe holidays are coming. It is inevitable.

So you better not pout. Better not shout… unless you are excited that Unbound Worlds will be featuring its Gifts For the Geek series again!

I do have a confession to make. I love the holiday season. For all of its eccentricities and stresses, it features in a short amount of time the things that I love—family, friends, food, drink, and enjoying all of them as much as humanly possible. It is a time to show we care about others. And for many, part of showing that care is buying and giving gifts.

When it comes to objects, I’m a minimalist. Those authors who have been in my home know this. Though nice, I have few things. I have my signed books—some on bookcases, others on my desk. I have two pieces of artwork on my walls, both framed Michael Whelan signed prints. I have a new Pan’s Labyrinth Faun statue inside a glass bubble. I have a Mac on my desk, an iPad on my night stand, and a new television powered by Netflix that I watch when I need to decompress while doing web work and/or reading.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have a wish list though. There are some really cool items out there and this is the season I begin thinking, “Wouldn’t it be neat if I had X or X or X or X?”

We here at Unbound Worlds are working toward helping our fellow geek brothers and sisters out. There are a number of geeky items either already out or about to be released, all of which might tickle the fancy of a geek! Every day, Matt Staggs and I will feature a new Gift For the Geek. Some of them will be books. Some music. Some movies. And others defy definition.

I’m sure some of our picks will be items other geeks will want to share or receive!

Gifts For the Geek will start Monday, November 19 and run until Friday, December 21!

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The holidays are coming!

Gift your geek!