A World of Ice and Fire App Launches Today


GameofThronesApp1-640x359IOS-using George R.R. Martin fans: You’ve got a key to Martin’s world in the palm of your hand. A new IOS app, A World of Ice and Fire, launched today in the App store and it is a must-have.

It’s no secret that the setting of A Song of Ice and Fire is intricate, to say the least. Even the most devoted reader can occasionally find him or herself struggling to remember which character belongs to what house, and other matters of import. Tracking it all can be a challenge, especially when you’re not exactly taking your time to read these utterly addictive books: I read them all in a month-long binge – it’s all a blur except for a general feeling of “OH CRAP THIS IS THE BEST FANTASY SERIES I’VE EVER READ AND WHEN WILL THE NEW ONE BE RELEASED???”

This new app is pretty much a must-have, be it if you’re a new reader or on your fiftieth read-through of the series. A World of Ice and Fire is only $1.99 and features profiles of 540 characters, 380 places and all of the major apps. You can also get a free version, but that only provides information on eight characters from the first book. If you want, you can also download companion guides for books two, three, four and five for .99 cents, or you can get the whole kit and caboodle for $4.99. It’s a steal at any price!

For now, the app is only available for IOS. If I hear anything about an Android version, I’ll let you know.