Aliens: Colonial Marines: Survivor Mode Revealed in New Trailer


AliensColonialMarinesBoxSega just revealed a new video promoting “Survivor”, another game mode for the hotly anticipated Aliens: Colonial Marines. Survivor mode pits five marines against what pretty much looks like an entire alien hive in an all-out battle for survival. While survival modes are old hat for first person shooter games, what is interesting about the trailer is the appearance of what looks like new alien subspecies. There’s one that runs up and rips its face open in order to shower the marines with acid. Another has what appears to be glowing ventricles on its head. I also saw what looks to be a giant alien. It could be indicative of the kinds of things that we’ll see in the campaign. If so, I’m intrigued. While I can be a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to movie monsters, even I recognize the potential boredom of fighting just one kind of alien through an entire game. My hope is up that A:CM will be worth buying, but it’s still too early to tell.