In Conversation with PC Cast and Colette Baron-Reid


Editor’s Note: Attention ‘House of Night’ fans! We’re talking with PC Cast and Colette Baron-Reid about their ‘Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards,’ their favorite books, and heroes.

Unbound Worlds: How did you come up with the idea of creating an oracle deck based on the House of Night series?

PC Cast: Colette Baron-Reid and I have been friends for more than a decade (and I have used her Wisdom of Avalon oracle cards for years!).  We were girlfriend chatting one day and she mentioned she had a new contract with a fabulous publisher (Crown).  She was brainstorming with me because she’d been considering creating an oracle deck for teens.  I said, “Why not do one together and set it in my YA world?”  She was super excited, as was her publisher, and the idea took off from there!

Colette Baron-Reid: I have read all the House of Night books and am a huge fan, as well as PC’s friend, so when we talked about creating this for her world I was super-excited because the characters and the whole vibe of the House of Night world were so present and alive to me.

Unbound Worlds: What’s useful about consulting an oracle deck? What kinds of questions do they best answer?

PC Cast: I use oracle decks to help envision a positive future.  I believe each of us has a personal energy that can be a powerful force in our lives to draw negative and positive to us. I choose to envision and draw positive as often as possible.  So, the questions I ask tend to be things like: What is the best possible outcome for ___________?  Which is the most positive path I can follow in my life – would it be with ___________ or ___________? (Fill in situations or names.)  I don’t rely on the cards to make my decisions for me. I use them as a tool to project outcomes and energy.

Colette Baron-Reid: The practice of consulting a system of symbology for answers has been around for thousands of years and is evidenced in all ancient spiritual traditions and the oldest religions. Oracle cards are a great tool when you lack objectivity about something because you are too close to it. Consulting an oracle gives you clarity about a situation; it can support an intuitive hunch by offering more detail, it can help you understand the motives of other people, and it can give guidance about what action to take in any given situation.

Like any accurately designed oracle deck, The Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards is based on those old systems, but the archetypes are represented by House of Night characters. However, you don’t have to be a fan of the series to use the cards; their symbolism is universal and recognizable to anyone.

The kind of questions best answered by the cards begin with “What do I need to know about “x” or “so and so?” “What can I expect from this “x” situation?” “What is the next right action to take in this “x” situation to reach my goal?” “Where is this relationship heading?”

Unbound Worlds: What was the last question you asked of the House of Night Oracle Cards? What insight did you receive?

PC Cast: I asked about my movie option and received a very positive reading!

Colette Baron-Reid: I asked about a potential TV show and was told to wait, which helped me immensely to chill out!

Unbound Worlds: What’s the best advice you ever received?

PC Cast: Treat the career of being an author as you would any other job.  Educate yourself about the business of publishing and then be prepared to work long hours for little to no money and/or recognition.  It was good advice.  It was my eighteenth published book that finally hit the New York Times bestseller list.  I was teaching full time then, as well as writing for three major publishing houses.

Colette Baron-Reid: The best advice I have ever received was “Be authentic—the way to success in life is to love what you do, never compromise your integrity and always be yourself.” I follow that as my motto and have achieved more than I hoped for in completely unexpected ways.

Unbound Worlds: What are you reading right now?

PC Cast: The latest fabulous Odd Thomas book by the talented and prolific Dean Koontz.

Colette Baron-Reid: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater – my other favorite author (besides PC).

Unbound Worlds: What’s your favorite fantasy book of all time?

PC Cast: If you’re making me choose one I’ll have to say Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey.  I read it when I was thirteen and it made me realize women could write and star in fantasy novels!

Colette Baron-Reid: This is a hard one for me – I also love all the Anne McCaffrey books. White Dragon was one of my faves. On further thought, I have to say Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels series, but that’s not one book is it? Lord of the Rings, is my probably favorite. No, wait. Any book by Maggie Stiefvater and all the Patricia Briggs books (Mercy Thompson series, Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series). Ok, it’s not fair–I can’t pick one, I simply cannot!

Unbound Worlds: Who is your favorite fictional hero?

PC Cast: Superman

Colette Baron-Reid: Spiderman

Unbound Worlds: Who is your favorite real life hero?

PC Cast: My dad.

Colette Baron-Reid: My mom

Unbound Worlds: What is your motto?

PC Cast: Wine not whine.

Colette Baron-Reid: Every Day is a new day to reinvent yourself!