Stream the The Hobbit Soundtrack



The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey comes to theaters December 14th!

The soundtrack for the movie will be released on December 10th!

Both of those are less than a month away, which is pretty exciting. But Peter Jackson is always giving his fans some Tolkien goodness. The director of The Hobbit has allowed the soundtrack to be streamed before it’s December 10th release!

You can find the stream at Empire Online HERE and begin listening to Howard Shore goodness!

I love the original trilogy’s soundtracks. Howard Shore did an amazing job of bringing emotional weight to an already emotional three movies. I’ve listened to The Hobbit soundtrack and it is similar enough to the music in The Lord of the Rings to make fans happy but just different enough to make it memorable on its own.

Looks like The Hobbit is ramping up toward its theatrical release date!

Hope you are like me and got your tickets!