The Story Board on Geek & Sundry



Pat Rothfuss hosted a new episode of The Story Board Geek & Sundry. The topic up for discussion was RPG gaming, which was inspired by this D&D session with authors Peter V. Brett, Pat Rothfuss, Brent Weeks, Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch, Elizabeth Bear, Jim Hines, Jay Lake, Yanni Kuznia, Myke Cole, and Saladin Ahmed.

Gamers(A picture of the game from Peat’s website)

The game was played at ConFusion in Detroit, and was started after Peter Brett made a joke on Twitter about everyone getting together to play some D&D. They made the joke a reality and ended up playing through The Keep on the Borderlands module. New authors Myke Cole and Saladin Ahmed DM’d for the group, and the results are absolutely amazing!

The Story Board guests included Peter V. Brett, Naomi Novik, Saladin Ahmed, and Myke Cole. Click here to watch The Story Board episode!