Badass Comic Book Cover: Amazing Spider-Man #700



Every week, I’ll be bringing you a comic book cover that I feel eclipses others out there—to the point I might just have to own it!

The BadAss Comic Book Cover for this week is for The Amazing Spider-Man #700. Such a milestone issue on so many levels I can’t begin to explain. Peter parker as Spider-Man has been one of the best superheroes to follow every since his inception in 1962 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. All of that changes with this issue though. With #700, Peter Parker dies. Yes, he dies. And not just any death. This will be a long-standing death, according to Marvel. So what happens to Spider-Man? Well, Spider-Man will exist… he will be Parker’s longtime nemesis Doc Ock! With all of Parker’s memories. Can those memories change the evil genius to good? Will Ock struggle with his new role? There are so many good questions—and many are pissed off at this turn of events.

Why do I love this cover though? It’s a mosaic, a collage, a historical look at Spider-Man since 1962. The cover is made up of hundreds of images taken from Spider-Man comics and comic books over the decades, in the shape of one of his eyes. I love it. The red aspect of his mask are Spider-Men. The black ring around the eye is made up of Venoms. And the white interior is composed of those characters that have been featured in the comic books from the beginning—Aunt May, Uncle Ben, various other superheroes, the villains, etc. It’s a piece I could look at for hours trying to figure out where each image came from. I think that is pretty damn cool.

Here is a bit more about The Amazing Spider-Man #700:

Writer: Daniel Slott
Editor: Stephen Wacker
Penciler: Humberto Ramos
Orig. Published: December 26, 2012
Imprint: Marvel Universe
Rating: T+
Format: Comic
UPC: 75960604716170011
Price: $7.99

The Story: The end of Peter Parker! With a twist that will leave you in disbelief, believer!

The Amazing Spider-Man #700 is in fine comic book stores now!

More next Saturday! In the meantime, go visit your local comic book store…