Gifts For the Geek: Day 13: A Song of Ice & Fire Hardcover Set by George R. R. Martin


martin-gamehardcoverLucky Day 13 is here and Geeks For the Gift continues!

On March 26, 2013, Random House and George R. R. Martin are releasing a hardcover boxed set of A Song of Ice & Fire. If you don’t know the series, where have you been? Beyond the Wall? It is the bestselling epic fantasy saga that has been adapted by HBO into a worldwide phenomenon. The Starks. The Lannisters. The Targaryens. The Seven Kingdoms are as fascinating as they are deadly—and winter is coming.

I’d be hard pressed to find someone who did not know of George R. R. Martin’s work. Fantasy readers undoubtedly know of the bestselling series. The books have even crossed over into the mainstream, resulting in non-fantasy readers picking up the series and loving it, people who adamantly deny loving fantasy.

They are the same people who say Harry Potter and Twilight aren’t fantasy either…

… go figure.

The series, beginning with A Game of Thrones, is available in hardcover for the avid fan who collects or wants to read the saga over and over and over.

This is not something I want for myself—because I already own them. When George stopped by The Signed Page last year to sign copies of A Dance With Dragons, I ordered a set of hardcovers just for myself. He signed them as well. They now sit below my signed Dark Tower giclee and next to my Pan’s Labyrinth Faun statue:



Since the boxed set is not yet available, the geek in your life may love receiving each of the books as individual hardcovers! I know I would if I didn’t already have them. They look great on the shelf and hold up better than paperback. Larger print. Larger maps. Larger epic! How can that be a bad thing?

A word of caution though: They might have to be ordered by your favorite bookseller. Some bookstores carry them; some bookstores don’t. The sooner you look into it and do it, the better for that geek in your life that you want to surprise!

Winter is coming…

… make someone warm with the gift of hardcover A Song of Ice & Fire books!