Gifts for the Geek: Day 17: ‘The Hive’ by Charles Burns


My admittedly “dark” selection of ideal holiday gifts continues with The Hive, an undeniably surreal graphic novel from legendary creator Charles Burns.

The Hive is a follow-up to Burns’ graphic novel X’ed Out, and the second in a trilogy. In X’ed Out, protagonist Doug woke from a dream to follow his cat (dead years ago but miraculously alive now) into a mysterious hole in his bedroom’s wall. It got weird from there. Awesome weird. The Hive follows Doug’s journey into the Hive, a nightmare underworld in which he is consigned to push around a cart full of office supplies. Mysteries still linger from X’ed Out: Why can’t he remember what happened to him? How was his now ex-girlfriend involved? Can an answer be found within the Hive?

I know that it’s hard to believe that Burns would be able to amp up the weird factor after X’ed Out, but believe it you should. This is one gift that is likely to be the topic of conversation through New Year’s Day.

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