Gifts for the Geek: Day 26: Alan Dean Foster’s Tipping Point Trilogy


If you read the predictions of some of science’s leading minds, our world is due for radical changes in terms of human capability. Technological and biological enhancements to the body will force us to not only redefine what is possible, but also what is human.

Alan Dean Foster’s Tipping Point trilogy (The Human Blend, Body Inc., The Sum of Her Parts) explores these questions in a fictional context, depicting an Earth ravaged by climate change; a place where radical body modifications – necessary and otherwise – are the norm. That world might seem alien to us now, but it might be considered quaint in a hundred years or so. Who knows?

The Tipping Point trilogy weaves a tangled tale of superhuman killers, scientists, war, and espionage. After a physician, Ingrid Seastrom, and a thief, Whispr, stumble upon a new piece of experimental technology, the unlikely duo makes a decision to sell it to the highest bidder. In a world where technology is everything, people are willing to do anything to gain an advantage over their enemies. When word gets out about the technology, Seastrom and Whispr are forced to go on the run. The trilogy’s conclusion, The Sum of Her Parts finds the two in Africa to meet a buyer. It’s the end of their journey, but will it be the end of them, too? Their arch enemy, the deadly assassin Napun Molé, plans to ensure they’ll never leave Africa alive.

Foster has been a force to be reckoned with in science fiction and fantasy for thirty years now. This is a master storyteller, and The Tipping Point trilogy one of the finest examples of his work. All three books would make a fine gift for any science fiction fan.