Gifts For the Geek: Day 27: Sting, Orcrist, & Gandalf’s Staff


orcrist_plaqueLast night, I went to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

While I have reservations about the movie and Peter Jackson’s editing skills to produce a tight-knit movie, it was an overall fun experience that I recommend to anyone who loved The Lord of the Rings.

It was fun because we get to see how certain items come into the possession of some of our favorite characters.

When Bilbo, Gandalf, and the Dwarves come across a Troll horde, they discover Elven weaponry. Gandalf discovers his sword, Glamdring, the Foe-Hammer. He carries it from that day hence and against Sauron in The Lord of the Rings.

Thorin Oakenshield discovers Orcrist, the Goblin Cleaver.

And of course, Bilbo accepts Sting.

These swords are being produced as gorgeous replicas by The Noble Collection. Click HERE to see their The Hobbit replicas!

Gifts For the Geek: Day 27 features these three swords, as well as the other items on The Noble Collection!

Geeks old enough to appreciate these fine items might like them as gifts.

I know I’d love Orcrist!