Gifts For the Geek: Day 29: Ebooks Galore


Gifts For the Geek continues!

Right into the digital age!

Many geeks will undoubtedly be receiving new tablets or ereaders this holiday season. Sales have already been strong for Apple and Amazon. As I’ve said before, I don’t mind ereaders. Paper, ink, covers, and a binding are merely the vehicle to deliver a story. While many love that vehicle, it is not the only one, and ereaders have grown in popularity along with ebook sales.

Random House has a great ebook website! It is filled with ebooks. Click HERE to view it!

As you can see, the website lists ebooks from all genres. I’ve sent you to the Science Fiction / Fantasy section for obvious reasons. There are some great ebooks there—and some short story / novella-size stories that are only available as an ebook.

Like these from Terry Brooks, Kevin Hearne, and Karen Marie Moning:

brooks-allanonsquest hearne-tworavens moning-feverseries

Again, click HERE for a list of great ebooks. For the geek in your life, especially that person who has an ereader, buying them a few short stories or new ebooks might be just the thing!

Happy reading!