The Weapons Master’s Choice by Terry Brooks


paladins-weaponmasterschoiceGaret Jax is back!

In the 16 years I’ve maintained a web presence for Terry, fans have asked for three things almost daily: a Shannara movie, more on the Druid Allanon, and more on Garet Jax.

Well, Terry e-published Allanon’s Choice a few months ago, the tale taking place directly before The Sword of Shannara. And now, almost three decades later, Garet Jax is coming back as well! The weapons master featured in The Wishsong of Shannara has returned in a new short story, one that’s sure to delight fans! Set long before the events of Wishsong, Garet Jax is confronted by a beautiful woman with a terrible need of his services.

He agrees&mdasn;and quickly finds himself enveloped in a situation only he, with his skills, can confront…

But at what price?

Here is some more information about it:

On Sale: January 28, 2013
Pages: 39 | ISBN: 978-0-345-53681-5
Published by : Del Rey

I have read the short story several times in the last few months as the story was edited. I love what Terry has done here. I think Garet Jax fans won’t be disappointed. In fact, I have no doubt that they will be screaming for more weapons master’s stories in the future! Let’s hope Terry gives them to us!

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NOTE: And if you don’t have an ereader like the Kindle or Nook, don’t fret! While the story won’t be available in print form until all these short stories are collected into a hardcover many years from now, fans who lack an ereader can download applications for the Kindle (PC | Mac) and Nook (PC | Mac) and read the story on their computer! Just click which link applies in the previous sentence, buy the short story on January 28, 2013, and enjoy a fantastic read!

The Weapons Master’s Choice will be available on January 28, 2013!

Garet Jax is back!