Video: Peter V. Brett on Unfettered


cover-unfetteredrjDel Rey author Peter V. Brett has a busy 2013 ahead of him!

But it is a 2013 that will come as a result to an even busier 2012.

For the last year, Peat has been amazingly busy at the keyboard. He finished The Daylight War, the third book in the Demon Cycle, which was a massive undertaking. When he finished it though and was waiting on editorial feedback, he immediately completed a short story titled Mudboy.

Mudboy is part of his Demon Cycle. It is a point of view character that was originally written for The Daylight War. Peat felt the character did not belong and removed him, to stand alone on his own.

It was a great choice. The story of Briar is a powerful one. It is also a great introduction to Peat’s world and the mythos he has been building since his debut novel, The Warded Man.

Peat decided to donate Mudboy to Unfettered, the anthology that is helping to alleviate the medical debt I was strapped with during cancer treatment last year.

To notify his fans of the short story, Peat got in front of a video camera and talked about Mudboy and Unfettered:

Some very kind words from a very talented writer. The video also gives a wonderful look at what Peat’s writing / geek area looks like! Love that!

To learn more about the Demon Cycle series by Peter V. Brett, visit his website at!

The Daylight War will be in bookstores on February 12th.

Unfettered is coming May 2013!