‘Wear Star Wars Day’ This Week!


Hey Star Wars fans, remember Katie Goldman, the girl bullied by her peers for her love of Star Wars? A fun holiday for saga fans has been spawned In recognition of Katie’s story: Wear Star Wars day. On December 16, that’s Friday of this week, fans are  encouraged to show their support for kids like Katie by wearing t-shirts and other Star Wars gear.

It’s a great way to spread love for Star Wars and make a clear statement against bullying. What’s not to love about that? I’ve got a dress code at my day job, but I’ll be sneaking in a Star Wars dog tag to celebrate. What about you?

  • Alex

    I was bullied for three years for my absolute love of star wars. People still tease me, but i have taken it all and will continue to stand by my love for the saga that has given me everything.

  • Ryan

    I get teased for my obsession of Star Wars from time to time. But I have been wearing a Star Wars related shirt to school every Friday for the past two years. Im proud to display my love for the saga that has been a major part of my life and that has inspired me to dream to go on and do greater things.

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