50 Page Fridays: George R. R. Martin


Every Friday, we here @ Del Rey Spectra will place a 50 page excerpt of a selected title on Unbound Worlds. Whether it is science fiction, epic fantasy, alternate history, horror, urban fantasy, paranormal, the possibilities are endless.

George R. R. Martin is most well known for his Song of Ice and Fire Series, but this week, we’re sharing 50 pages of a book he wrote long before Game of Thrones became the hit HBO series it is today.

Tuf Voyaging was originally published over 20 years ago, and hasn’t been in print for more than a decade. But in a few weeks, a brand new copy can be yours. This book tells the story of Haviland Tuf, a quirky space trader whose misadventures lead him all over the galaxy, fixing the problems of several far-flung planets. I’ll let DRS editor Sarah Peed tell you more:

“When I first read Tuf Voyaging, I was unable to put the book down. I know that’s a cliché, but it really applies here because from page one I was entranced. Who is this eccentric protagonist? Why does he choose to continue helping those that seek to undermine and manipulate him at every turn? What’s the deal with all the cats?

Every page offers a bit more insight into the mind of Tuf, the clever pacifist. Through dangerous missions and the increasingly impossible requests of aliens—both allies and aggressors—you get to witness Tuf’s evolution from unassuming do-gooder to world-weary decision-maker. There are, of course, other themes at play here that are applicable to the real world: ecological concerns, population control issues, and the relentlessness of human nature…despite the consequences. And then there’s just the general good time of a science fiction adventure story populated by foreign-yet-familiar alien species, engineered nightmarish monsters acting as guard dogs, and spaceships the size of whole planets!

No matter what you’re looking for in a science fiction tale, Tuf Voyaging will deliver. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did.”

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Please enjoy this excerpt of Tuf Voyaging by George R. R. Martin, on sale January 29th!

TUF VOYAGING by George R. R. Martin, Excerpt