A Worthy Kickstarter Project: Lakeside with Jay Lake


jaylakeMatt Staggs already posted on this topic last week.

But I have to mention it again because of my own past and it deserves two posts on this website. At least I think so.

As I was wrapping up the devastating effects of my own battle with cancer, Jay Lake was told the terrible news that his had recurred. It’s not an easy thing to get that news. I live in dread of it every day. For Jay, who has faced it a few times, it can’t get any easier. As I went through my own battle, I looked up to Jay for his resilience, his love of life, his will to keep writing through the worst, and his courage in the face of terrible odds.

He is an inspiration for people with cancer as well as those without.

The one thing that cancer does is make heroes out of all of us. It’s a side effect that I wish didn’t have to exist. So be a hero. I am encouraging you to click this link right HERE and donate a few bucks to Lakeside, a documentary that follows Jay on this most awful of journeys.

Here is a video:

For those who don’t know Jay, he is a fantastic fantasy writer. He won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer and has written numerous novels and short stories. While helping out the documentary is a great thing, I also highly encourage you to read Jay’s Green Universe or Mainspring novels, that begin with the novels Green and Mainspring respectively. Every sale helps Jay.

And not only that, you’ll be getting some hellaciously good stories!

For my part, I am not only going to support this but I will be featuring Auctions on Grim Oak Press, the proceeds from which will go to Jay and his medical expenses. More on that in the weeks to come.

Please, consider giving to this Kickstarter project!

You’ll be helping a friend.

And you’ll feel good for it.