January: The Best Time To Catch Up On Reading


brooks-witchThere are times to read.

And there are times to read!

Most people think of the summer, when many great novels are published. Some people think of winter during the holidays, when school and work slow down, when there are several long-weekend holidays to take advantage of, and the weather keeping us inside with its snow and chilly rain and wind.

But for me, my favorite time to read—at least in the Northern Hemisphere—is in January.

January is a down month for everyone. We are overcoming the holiday hangover, trying to take care of our finances after buying too many presents during the silly season. Over the course of a year, books pile up in the To Be Read pile. January is great for that pile because few releases occur, allowing me at least to catch up a bit on my reading.

And it’s still cold outside. And I can’t go out because I have no money.

Therefore reading is the antidote.

I’m excited about this month. I’m reading some good books. I just finished Bloodfire Quest and have started Witch Wraith, both books by Terry Brooks and coming out later this year from Del Rey Books. I also have NOS4A2 by Joe Hill waiting and Peter Orullian’s The Unremembered.

Then I also have to edit the short stories for the Unfettered anthology. That should be fun. I’ve already read them once but I’ll be going over them again.

Then turning the stories back over to all of those writers.

2013. It’s going to be a great for books. And a better year for reading! But be sure to take advantage of January!

Because it is the one month that allows you to catch up!