Poll: Have You Already Read A Memory of Light?


whelan-memoryThe wheel has turned for decades.

Has it stopped?

The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson is now complete. The final book, A Memory of Light, was published earlier this week on Tuesday, January 8th. It is the conclusion of arguably the greatest epic fantasy series in the history of the genre, a story that has ranged more than a dozen volumes and has captured the imaginations of readers the world round.

When author Robert Jordan died in 2007, he left the series unfinished. Fortunately, he had time to prepare, and he spent his remaining time with family, friends, and the end of his epic tale.

Author Brandon Sanderson was then tapped to complete the series when Jordan sadly passed on. Brandon took outlines, notes, and several pieces that Jordan had written and completed the last three books.

The last book is now in the hands of people everywhere.

I know some people have already completed reading the book. Some are reading it. And some are waiting to savor it after a re-read of the entire series.

So which are you? If you’ve finished it, comment on it without spoilers!

The Wheel of Time is complete!