Terry Brooks Reviews: Yellow Birds


powers-yellowbirdsLike many great authors, Terry Brooks reads as much as he writes.

He gets sent dozens and dozens of books from his publisher, other publishers, agents, editors, fans—all looking for blurbs, quotes, and reviews. He gives as much of his time as he can but he reads a lot outside of the genre. It takes a special fantasy novel to gain his blurb or review. And he never gives them out unless he feels strongly about the book.

Terry loved The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers. Here is what Terry had to say about it:

Terry Brooks: “My book this time around is Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers. Yellow Birds has been on everyone’s best books of 2012 reading list, and it deserves to be. A riveting story of life in the ground war in Iraq, it details the lives of Bartlett, the narrator, and a soldier named Murph, whose mother has made Bartlett promise to bring her son home safe. It gives a clear, nerve-jangling picture of combat in a land where the goals and the enemy both are elusive. It is short; you can read it in one sitting. But you won’t soon forget it.”

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There you have it! If Terry liked it and you are looking for something a bit different from our genre, The Yellow Birds might be the book for you!

Terry will see you next month with a new review!

Happy reading!