Top 10 2013 Movies I Want Now


poster-startrekintodarknessIt is time to look at the 2013 movies!

But first, let’s take a gander back.

Looking at last year’s Top 10 2012 Movies I Want Now, I made a few errors. I wanted Prometheus badly, which I ranked at #2. As an Alien fan, it turned out to be one of my biggest disappointments. So much possibility with great themes and mythos but destroyed by poor writing and execution. I wanted the The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises but I had them at #4 and #3 respectively. Turns out The Avengers was a better complete film whereas The Dark Knight Rises—while a good finish to the trilogy&mash;wasn’t as great as we all hoped.

The Hobbit was also a let down for me. I had it as my #1. “Mediocre” is the word I would use to describe it, particularly the poor editing at its outset. Should have been up around #5.

Still, I was fairly happy with my 2012 picks. Most were entertaining. Although I demand more than entertainment for most of my movies—just like I do my books.

We are now within the confines of 2013 and with the New Year comes a whole new swath of great movies to look forward to! While there are others I want to see too, these are the movies I’ll be going to on opening day!

I’m betting some of them are on your list! Let’s find out, shall we!

10. Warm Bodies

I think this is going to be a fun movie. While the zombie genre has seen a lot of play in the last few years and might be growing tired, whenever someone can take it into a new avenue intrigues me. I think Warm Bodies will do that.

Warm Bodies will be in theaters on February 1st.

9. After Earth

Will Smith. His son. And a science fiction thriller set in the future on an Earth that is recognizable but not. Can they survive? I think this will be an action-packed movie with a lot of emotion between the real-life father and son. Plus I’m also in favor of more science fiction movies—as you’ll see later.

After Earth will be in theaters on June 7th.

8. Pacific Rim

Let me get this straight? Guillermo del Toro? Giant robots? And the end of the world? Count me in! What Michael Bay couldn’t do with Transformers, I do have faith in Guillermo! I think he is likely one of the best directors going right now and has been away from the Hollywood game enough to be hungry!

Pacific Rim will be in theaters on July 12th!

7. The Wolverine


There is only one movie where I feel Hollywood has gotten Wolverine right. And that was a mere cameo in X-Men: First Class. With The Wolverine, we see one of Marvel Comics most classic stories being adapted. Wolverine. In Japan. The Silver Samurai. Mariko. Yukio. It should be a love story. It should have lots of conflict. And action. Director James Mangold has produced some wonderfully gritty movies like Walk the Line and 3:10 To Yuma. Looking forward to the trailer for this movie and the movie itself!

The Wolverine will be in theaters on July 26th!

6. Oz: The Great & Powerful

I am fairly annoyed by James Franco. His antics off screen are largely annoying. But he is a quality actor and he picks great projects. Enter director Sam Raimi. Raimi is known for his Spider-Man and Evil Dead movies but I’m really intrigued by Oz. It is the story of the wizard before he enters the magical land. From what I can see in the trailer, it is a gorgeous film and I doubt Raimi will do something awful his first time out in a while!

Oz: The Great & Powerful will be in theaters March 8th.

5. Thor: The Dark World


Thor, the first movie, was a success. I have fun watching it. The interplay between Thor and his twisted brother Loki makes the movie for me. And in the hands of Kenneth Branagh, it possessed a wonderful Shakespearean quality that many Marvel movies lack. With the success of The Avengers, I’m excited to see where Marvel takes the story after Thor and Loki vanish back to Asgard!

Thor: The Dark World will be in theaters on November 8th.

4. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


If The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey had been better edited and hadn’t started so slow, The Desolation of Smaug would be my #1. But the previous movie didn’t and this movie isn’t. I am looking forward to the next Tolkien installment from Peter Jackson but count me in the camp that believes quite strongly that The Hobbit could have been adapted to film in two movies rather than three. Still, it will be great seeing Bilbo and his companions again!

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be in theaters on December 13th.

3. Man of Steel

I hated what Superman Returns attempted to do. Change canon. No action. A boring rehash of the very first movie. But I have hope for Man of Steel. It is being produced by Christopher Nolan who appears to be working on it in earnest. Throw in director Zach Snyder, and I can’t wait to see what happens. Snyder has been average-adequate in his work but, under Nolan’s tutelage, this movie could be great. And based on this trailer, it will be filled with grit and action. If Amy Adams can pull of Lois Lane, something I’m a bit dubious about, this should be a great flick!

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th.

2. Star Trek Into Darkness

I loved Star Trek. I think J.J. Abrams is one of the best directors working and he has an eye for action that cannot be denied. The reboot movie, while having a few continuity problems, was still a quality movie that I’ve watched several times. Now, with Star Trek Into Darkness, we get an even grimmer trek to the stars. Will Khan play a part in this? Boy, I hope so!

Star Trek Into Darkness will be in theaters on May 17th.

1. Iron Man 3

The Avengers was one of the best movies in 2012. It’s great for many reasons but I do love me some Tony Stark. Well, this is the first Marvel movie to take place after the devastating events in New York City. How has it affected Tony Stark? Jon Favreau is not director. Instead, Shane Black has taken the reins and I couldn’t be happier. He is responsible for the dark and witty banter found in many of my favorite movies, including Lethal Weapon 2, Last Action Hero, The Monster Squad, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It will be great to see Ben Kingsley as a great villain and how Tony Stark overcomes! This movie can’t come fast enough for me!

Iron Man 3 will be in theaters on May 3!

Feel free to share your list with everyone! What are you most looking forward to? Why? Personal reasons or just the pure geekiness of the movies?

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