USA Today Celebrates the Long-Lasting Appeal of ‘Star Wars’


Popular newspaper USA Today is celebrating the longevity of the Star Wars saga with a treasure trove of images and videos from new Star Wars products, including an image from Brian Wood’s new comic and clips from The Clone Wars. USA Today not only spoke with Timothy Zahn (Most recently the author of Star Wars: Scoundrels) and Wood, but also with Dave Filoni, supervising director of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

I was born in 1973, so I’m practically a cradle Star Wars fan. I saw the first film at a drive-in theater (on a stegosaurus’ back!) and still remember bedding down in my parents’ hatchback and being amazed at the vision unfolding before my eyes. I’m turning 40 this month, and the magic has yet to abate. It’s as exciting to me to see news about the saga at USA Today as it is any young fan.

Go check it out!