Win a Signed Copy of Robert V.S. Redick’s NIGHT OF THE SWARM!


From Robert V. S. Redick’s blog:

The U.S. debut of The Night of the Swarm (Feb 5th) is almost here.

Given that this fourth & final book was delayed roughly as many times as Leonard Nimoy donned pointy ears between 1965 and 2012, this feels like a day worth celebrating. And how better than with a contest and book giveaway?

I’ve tried to make this crossword something really unique. So along with the familiar sort of trivia questions, I’ve added three clues in the form of unpublished extracts from the novels (two that were cut during the editing stage, and one that I wrote just for the crossword). The trick with each of them is to fill in the blank with the appropriate name.

The other clues could be characters, places, concepts, proverbs, insults…anything at all that appears in books I – III. There are no Book IV spoilers in this puzzle.

The Prize: the first six players to solve the puzzle will win a signed copy of the Del Rey edition of The Night of the Swarm with a personal, story-related message from me at the end of the book. This message will be in no one else’s possession except my own. You can share it or keep it private, as you like. I reserve only the right to use these notes eventually myself in future Alifros-related work.

Click here for the complete rules and to play.