A Calendar of Tales by Neil Gaiman


“There are lots of artists in the world. But there is only one you.”

That’s how Neil Gaiman opens up a challenge to everyone and anyone.

It is a remarkable idea. First, he tweeted a question every hour for twelve hours, focusing on every month of the calendar year. That’s how A Calendar of Tales came to be. You sent Neil story ideas; he wrote stories around those ideas. TWELVE of them. And now they exist for the world to read and love.

But the 9000 words that Neil wrote is only half of the story. You can read more about this and the actual stories HERE.

Here is Neil talking about the project:

Now it is up to you. Neil has written the stories. It is now your turn to create art to go along with them. It’s an amazing idea, one I’m sure that will produce a wonderful book. There are so many creative individuals in this world who either don’t partake in the magic that lives within or they are too frightened to put it out there for the world to see.

That’s where the real magic of this project comes to the fore, hopefully bringing people together through art, allowing Neil’s magnetic personality to draw this latent creativity into the world where it belongs.

“If you decide not to make things, all you’ve done is deprive the world of all stuff only you could have brought to it.”

Don’t deprive the world. Share the magic that only exists inside of you.

And make the most of it.